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Welcome to my page about Arnold. Arnold has got to be one of my favorite actors on the planet. Not only does he have an amazing physical presence and aura of strength about him, he can also be a very funny man. He's also an amazing human being considering just how old he is. :) In my opinion he also blows most other action film actors away. Many have criticized his accent but I think he speaks as well as if not better than that joke Stallone. Arnold is also really cool because he doesn't take himself too seriously like the other guys - he realizes he is an entertainer, not a figure of world importance.

This is a whole poopload of Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds that I have found in my travels. . . It is, to my knowledge, the biggest collection of Arnold crap on the web, so brace yourself! Well okay, not anymore. Some unsavory webmasters have taken the liberties of taking my sounds and putting them on their pages - how original. This doesn't bug me too much at the moment but when I start putting up my own sounds I don't want some bums taking credit.

Hey, since a lot of people out there have written me some mail and given some interesting ideas and questions, I've decided to put up a little Arnold Message Board. NOTE:This one is different from the last one - it is just Arnold stuff, while the other is for anything really.

disclaimer: I don't mind if you put these sounds up on your page, use them in a game, or link directly to them from somewhere else. But they are mine - so please credit me.


"Where is she?"
"I'm a friend of Sarah Connor."
"Nice night for a walk."
"I'll be back. . . "
"Your clothes - give them to me, now."

Terminator 2

"I'm a cybernetic organism."
"Its in your nature to destroy yourselves" -Arnold "Yeah, major drag, huh." -John
"I have detailed files on human anatomy."
"It has to end here. . ."
"Go!"<shotgun blast>
>"Hasta la vista, baby."
"Stay here - I'll be back."
"I insist."
"I sense injuries."
"I see everything."
"I swear I will not kill anyone."
"My mission is to protect you."
"It must be destroyed."
quot;My CPU is a neurall net processor, a learning computer."
"That's one of my mission parameters."
"I'll be back. . ."
"Chill out, dickwad."
"Come with me if you want to live."
"It doesn't work that way."
"The system goes online on August 4th, 1997."
"No problemo."
Little Scanning Noise 1
Little Scanning Noise 2
"I cannot self-terminate."
"Why do we stop now?"
"This is tactically dangerous."
"The T-1000 has the same files that I do."
"Trust me."
"Typically, the subject being copied is terminated."
"I need a vacation."


"If it bleeds, we can kill it."
"You used to be somebody I could trust."
"I'm here! Kill me! C'mon kill me I'm here! C'mon do it now! Kill me!!!"
"So you cooked up a story and dropped us in the meat grinder!"
Conversation with Blaine about the merits of chewing tobacco and the Tyrannosaurus...
"You're one ugly mother@%$#$er!">
"Whadda you need us for?"
"You sonofabitch!"
"Big mistake."
"Had enough?"
"Let’s go!"
"Knock knock!"
"Whatsa matter?"
"Do it! DO IT!!!"

The Running Man

"Gimme a break and shut up!"
"Hello cutie pie!"
"And look what we have here."
"Well you must be very proud of yourself."<
"Well, that hit the spot!"
"One of us is in deep trouble. . ."
"Its showtime!"

Total Recall

"Consider that a divorce."
"Howdy Quaid!"
"I am Quaid."
(modified)"So, how do you like your women?" -Recall Employee "Sleezy. .." -Arnold

Miscellaneous Arnold Films

Eraser Trailer(pretty long)
"Born to be bad." (Twins)
"Come and get me!" (Eraser)
"Relax, you’ve been erased. . ." (Eraser)
interesting T2 remix. . . : )
Conan describing what is best in life. . .
interesting remix of Conan wav
"I don't like you using foul language." (Kindergarten Cop)
"I’m the party pooper." (Kindergarten Cop)
"SHUT UUUUUPPPPPP!!!" (Kindergarten Cop)
Arnold dealing with Sully in Commando (2 wavs pieced together)