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Kelsey Gallery

- contains pictures of Kelsey now and when she was wee

- This picture of Kelsey sleeping is cute enough to kill a Pokemon.   - This is a really great picture of Kelsey and Selena as kids making do with 2 bodies and one tricycle. Look at that hair folks!
- This is one of my favorite Kelsey smiles - she just looks so excited and happy to be in front of the camera.   - This is a close-up, cropped view of one of my all-time favorite Kelsey pics. Kelsey herself has remarked on how she seems to have a crazed look in this pic. I can easily picture her running around the room playing Hide and Go Seek or doing Lil Mischevious Kelsey things with this look. Kelsey also pointed out that if she were to wear her hair like this now she'd look like Reba.
-This is a picture of Kelsey at her 2nd birthday in the always classic pigtails.   - another Kelsey party pic from back in the day. This picture also shows the resemblance between Kelsey and the Ethan folklore creature, the Chumblemunchkin (who are always seen wearing pointy hats and saying "Chumble Chumble Chumble!")
- This is a picture of Kelsey from when she worked at the Olde Georgian Inn down in Savannah. I have always liked this pic because even though its somewhat candid it's still a good picture of Kelsey.   - The is a picture from my father's birthday party in Massachusetts. Kelsey helped me move back to MA from Savannah and she visited for a little while also. The next 4 pictures are also from that visit.
- I love the expression on her face here. She is doing some homework for one of her classes at my kitchen table. Such dedication. All she needs is for that candle to be lit and a bowl of gruel and it could be some kind of Charles Dickens story.   - This is a picture of Kelsey at a local fresh produce stand in Massachusetts. The background is completely messed up but I think we all know the main attraction here is not the farmstand. You can't see it, but she's actually holding produce in a really sassy way. Yeah, baby!
- Here is Kelsey sitting by some kind of Chinese lantern statue thingy in the Boston Commons. Unfortunately, we did not get to do the Swan Rides because I was too scared of riding in the giant white bird that wears a scary mask.