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"Who is Kelsey?"
"What makes her tick?"
"Just what are her house rules in Monopoly?"

If you have a burning desire to know the answers to these questions and many others, then you have definitely come to the right place. This website covers all things Kelsey - from the basics of Kelseyness to advanced topics like "The Physics of Hair Buns: Coefficient of Friction or Just Plain Magic?" The information in this site may amaze you, offend you, or just make you like Kelsey even more. Please, sit back, relax, and take a journey through this Reference of a Redhead.


Many people wonder where Kelsey came from and how Ethan met her. Kelsey came to Savannah, Georgia through an seemingly random twist of fate - a summer visit with her sister, Selena. Selena had been attending school at the Savannah College of Art and Design where Ethan also attended. Selena and Ethan became friends through their mutual acquaintance (and Ethan's downstairs neighbor) Abe. The first documented meeting of Kelsey and Ethan was one night during the summer of 2001 when Selena and Kelsey were visiting Abe and decided to come upstairs as Selena sometimes did. The succulent smells of Ethan's homemade chicken stir fry greeted them at the door, followed closely by Ethan's roommate, Sketch. At this point in time, Ethan himself was not first on the scene - probably busying himself eating and playing Counter-Strike. Though there were some polite hello's and goodbye's exchanged, no obvious bolt of romantic energy arced between them when they first met.

Ethan later got a job at the Beachside Colony, the dilapidated beach hotel where Kelsey and Selena also worked. Between time spent at work, tickle-fights at Selena's apartment, and numerous social events at Denny's, Ethan and Kelsey quickly formed a bond - a bond that evolved into a full fledged relationship by the end of summer. They spent a lot of time in Savannah together: first at Ethan's hellhole of an apartment, followed by their own much nicer apartment a block away. Currently, Kelsey resides back in Kansas with her family in the corn producing metropolis of Olathe while attending Johnson County Community College. She is studying interior design and does not like rooms that look too "country kitchen." Ethan is currently back in Maynard living with his family and, among other things, is trying to find a job in animation. Ethan misses her very much.

"Kelsey is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She's pretty, smart, and can make me laugh. If I've had a bad day, she can make it good. She is one of the kindest people I know (sometimes too kind for her own good) but at the same time she doesn't take crap from people who are trying to give it to her. Just writing this quote makes my stomach have that weird queasy/lovey feeling." -Ethan