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Actual Quotes

"I feel a feeling I've never felt before." - Kelsey after watching Scooby Doo, the movie

"Where are all the #@$&ing little forks?!?" - Kelsey in the kitchen. I don't know this just sounded funny to me. (Later, it was known that she actually meant to say spoons, not forks)

Kelsey said "vegetable medley" in a sentence. She has also been known to say "fruit medley."

"I'll do it meself." - this phrase and variations of it appear throughout Kelsey's baby book, showing her fierce independence was present early in her childhood.


NOTE: These are actually just Kelsey's unique twists on certain words and phrases. Everyone has their verbal fumbles, but Kelsey's are always so cute and funny.

Kelsey's spells deposit like deposite, almost like it is French.

Heimlich Renuber, Heimlich Remover= Kelsey's ways of referring to the famous clearer of airways, the Heimlich Maneuver.

"Nip it in the butt." = Kelsey has often told this to me in place of "Nip it in the bud" when she was trying to get him to avoid procrastinating. I always picture something like a squirrel nibbling on someone's butt or a giant hand with pruning shears chasing someone around and snapping at their butt.

When Kelsey was installing new lights above her vanity she explained that it was brighter because her old one had frosted mugs. (She was referring to frosted glass.)

Kelsey usually says lil instead of little. Before I met her, I had never heard anyone say it this way. I had really only seen it spelled on packages of "Lil Smokies" hotdogs.