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My Pals

www.sketchquinn.com This is the resume/webcomic page of my friend and ex-roommate, Sketch. Feel free to give him a job.

Savannah Aikikai - This site isn't really a friend of mine, its a site I created for my aikido class. Lots of good info here so check it out.

CrackerJap - This site is a cool little site run by a cracker, and a jap. I happen to know the jap kid pretty well. We're SCAD buddies and Dreamcast fans alike. He also has a ... man I almost wrote hilarious, and I hate that word. He also has a kickin' webcomic that has made me change my pants many a time.

Mike's Homepage - A very "well-done" homepage that covers lots of Mike's interests including: sports figures, radio talk shows, Rod Stewart, and email correspondence with a rat-bastard scientist named Phil.

Brian's Page - This is Brian's Michigan State page where he keeps info and ideas for the ongoing computer rpg project I've dubbed "Final Papasy." I'm doing art for it too.

www.polishedscrawl.com - This is the wacky page of Jimmy, one of my bestest college buds from Iowa. This is the totally new page he worked on last quarter, and I still haven't fully explored it's lofty ambitions. However, since he never really took the time to update people on the change to a new page, or even put a "This Link Has Changed" up at his old page, we will now take time out to call him a sodomist.

Pages I Frequent

www.diterlizzi.com This is the official page of one of my favorite artists: Tony Diterlizzi. He's got artwork, news, and goofy pictures of himself up on his site. I recommend any of his AD&D art, 'specially Planescape.

Save Farscape! - Farscape is one of the best TV shows I've ever watched - period. This page is the central point for a group of people dedicated to trying to save it: either by having the Sci-Fi Channel (who canceled it) or some new home pick up the fifth season of this epic story.

VE3D(formerly VoodooExtreme) - I'm not usually a big fan of news/reviews sites but this one still captivates my attention. Its got plenty of good files, reviews, previews, and its wit - c'est magnifique. I didn't think computer game geeks could be this funny.

Planet Half-Life - One of the few "planet" sites I frequent - this one is good. I'm sure this has something to do with Half-Life being good (except for that damn godbaby - Valve what were you thinking?!?) but its also updated a lot and is great if you're trying to follow Mod news.

HTML Goodies - A great website for web page authors whether they be Amish or pasty white people that don't leave there homes. I have this site to thank for many of the improvements on my own.

The Register - A news site that looks long and hard at computer and IT news. Sometimes a bit cynical, sometimes a tad paranoid - its still a good news site. Just don't get caught up in it all and start crying...

Penny Arcade - This is a quasi gaming news site run by 2 very funny dudes. The best feature is the web comic though, definetely check it out. Its a good mix of computer and console games, with a good amount of DivX bashing thrown in for good measure.

Atriarch - This looks to be one of the best "massively multiplayer" RPGs on the way in the near future. The game itself is all based on organic principles - organic houses, tools, weapons, economy. It may not be the traditional swords and sorcery that has grown so popular, but it certainly looks to be an outstanding and original game.

www.annies.com - Home of the infamous "rabbit bum macaroni" I love so much. There website has an online store, customer submitted recipes, and generally hippy stuff. I'm not really into the hippy peacenik stuff, but their mac and cheese rocks.

Pricewatch.Com - Pricewatch is a site dedicated to getting computer stuff cheap. They constantly update their links and prices and do a pretty good job of it. Beware: If you don't really know what you're looking for, I don't recommend it as much because sometimes item descriptions can be a little cryptic there.

Astalavista - This site is claims to be a home for all things "computer security related." What this means is its a damn good site to find links to crack files for software :) I tend to use it for cheesy shareware, but don't tell those Winzip guys I said that :)

The Hunger Site - The Hunger Site is a simple, great site. Go here once a day, click on the button that says "Donate Free Food" and BAM! its done - thanks to the people who put up their ads there. Click on 'em if you want, otherwise go about your daily business knowing you helped someone.

The Internet Movie Database - The IMDb is a really cool site full of all the info you'd ever need on films and sometimes TV related stuff. You can also search for info based on genre, actors, crew and more. Its really great for finding obscure movie trivia and fun facts. It also has links to a certain Arnold Schwarzenegger page that I have a vested interest in.