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Ethan's Personal Stuff

My name is Ethan and I'm a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where I studied Computer Art, specifically 3D Animation.Usually, I live in the humble hamlet of Maynard, Massachusetts and laugh at my pets a lot. Currently, I live in downtown Savannah and laugh at my girlfriend, Kelsey, a lot. I have very varied interests and this particular page is where I aim to tell you about them.


Kelsey is my girlfriend who I've been with since end of summer in 2001. I met her through my friend Selena, who did go to SCAD. Kelsey was here visiting Selena for a while and we just hit it off. The best part is when I explain this to people and they just look at me and say, "She stayed here for you?" Kelsey is about my age, but she hasn't finished school yet. She plans to go back to Kansas soon and get back into school, eventually transferring to a school that has more of a specialization in Interior Design. This also means I'm never allowed to decorate my apartment anymore. Kelsey is many things to me and we've both grown a lot since we met each other, and I hope to continue that. Kelsey now has her own section here - truly a VIP.


Savannah is an interesting place. I like to call it smartass names like "The Armpit of the Coastal Empire" (Coastal Empire is a real term for this area - I'm not kidding!) but its not really that bad. Although it can be pretty damn hot down here, we're in a coastal area and there is usually a pretty good breeze.

I think Savannah itself is more interesting than its weather. Savannah is a kind of study in contrasts: It has some of the most beautiful and most run-down buildings I've ever seen. Granted I haven't gotten outside of Massachusetts that much but I haven't seen any place like Savannah. Some of the poverty here is really bad, and I here the crime rate ain't too pretty either... But then there are parts of Savannah that are very scenic and serene. Apparently, Savannah was pretty dumpy all-around until the 70's and 80's when that crazy "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" foolishness was going on. People decided to bring back and restore the city's former beauty. I guess they missed a few spots though because there are some buildings here that look like something out of Mad Max. I don't know what else I can say except that I find it fascinating and I'm actually hoping to have something more substantial, perhaps some artwork, on the subject.


Comic books are a pretty big part of my life too. I have a pretty extensive collection (at least over a thousand but I'm just guessing) and have read them since 5th grade. I have to admit, the past few years I haven't made as much time for them as I used to: partly because my taste was more discriminating, partly because I had other things to do, and partly because they are damn expensive! :) Since I've come to SCAD however, I've gotten back into them again because I know a lot of people here for the "Sequential Art" (aka comics) major.

Many people who like comics like to say they are a big fan of "independent" or "superhero" or "porno" comics and so on. I prefer not to really classify my tastes because they range from things as crude as the Punisher to more abstract books like "Dawn". I can say that I am probably less into superhero comics now than in 5th grade, but there is still something inherently fun about them. Currently, the only comic I can say I regularly buy is called "Blade of the Immortal" - an interesting book about a tough samurai and the girl he is hired to help. This is a pretty big oversimplification of the story but it gives an idea.

Other books I read or have liked would probably be X-Men related stuff, Deadpool, older Iron Man and Punisher, Batman, Flash and Impulse, Usagi Yojimbo, early Gen13, Danger Girl, Dawn related books, the old Demon (or the "rappin' Demon" as some may call him), Art Adams stuff, Alan Davis stuff... I don't know, I'm sure I've forgotten some. Oh yeah - I picked up a lot of Aliens and Predator comic books recently (but I wouldn't recommend all of them) from masters of licensed comics Dark Horse.

As far as Japanese comics (manga) I'm into Blade of the Immortal (see above), but the only other Japanese creator who excites my electrons would have to be Masamune Shirow. I can't really describe his work too well. Its very detailed and his covers and painted work are beautiful. His stories may not appeal to all because they too are very detailed (he often includes a set of notes at the end of his stories to go into further detail about science, technology and concepts that he presents in the comic.)

Bob Skeleton

Some may already know of this "new" winter sport. I say "new" because in fact it really isn't all that new and has been around for quite awhile now, but is only now catching on over here in the US it seems. I had the opportunity to try out Bob Skeleton for the first time in the February of 1998 and all I can say is that it kicked some serious buttocks. Bob Skeleton just made its official debut during the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, UT where our team actually kicked some butt.

The sport itself is almost like bobsledding, only with more balls involved. It takes place on the bob run but instead of going down in a bobsled, one goes down on more of a traditional sled like in one's backyard. When I tell this to some people they say, "Oh, you mean luging. I know about luging." But its quite different from luging. Luging, in addition to using its own special track, is done on one's back and feet first. The bob skeleton is done one the bob run, but going down face first on one's tummy.

Its a very exhilirating experience and I really want to try it again (hopefully this winter). One moment you are sliding down an icy track at high speeds, the next moment your entire body is glued to a sharp curve and you learn all those lessons you read about in physics class on a firsthand basis.

Since I don't think that this page can really give anyone a totally accurate idea of the sport, this link to Canadian Skeleton ought to help out.


Musically I'm a pretty weird guy I guess: I like soundtracks (including video games), instrumentals, and non-recent music mostly. I also play the piano and I was dabbling in learning the bass guitar till it "busted a nut."

Currently, I'm really into Weezer. Actually, I'm really more of an older Weezer fan since I haven't really listened to there later 2 albums, "The Green Album" and "Maladroit," too much. I'm also a fan of Ben Folds Five, Jewel, The Police, and Dire Straits or Mark Knopfler stuff.

As far as my piano skills go, I've been playing since 4th grade or something like that but I'm no piano genius.I have had a great teacher named Steve who has tried to expose me to lots of different kinds of music like classical, jazz and blues, and other stuff. Its been really tough for me to practice at school seeing as I don't have a piano, but I hope to continue studying on breaks.

My Computer

Hmm... I guess people who know me would probably say that my computer is a pretty big part of my life. I've always been into them and I love messing with them. I'm really into computer games, sounds, and the spread of free info on the net. My major at SCAD reflects my love of computers - 3D modeling and animation.

My Car

Well currently I drive an '88 Nissan 300ZX, which is quite a departure from my old car, a powder blue '78 Cadillac Coupe De Ville (which was quite a departure from my first car, an '84 VW Rabbit.) The Nissan is still roadworthy, but has definetely seen better days. Since being in Savannah for about 3 years the windshield has cracked, one wiper blade just stopped working, the passenger side window was smashed in with a huge rock (nothing stolen of course, just random violence) and it has been in one minor collision which I'm still really bitter about. The car still works fine but the front right fender area got dented up pretty bad.