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Greetings wearied web traveler, this is my quaint little homepage which is always going to be in some state of construction till I use up my measly 10 megs :) I hope you enjoy your visit and find something that interests you more than an archive of "The Greatest Texas Instruments Computers of All Time," , pictures of boobies, and pirated software. If you have comments, complaints, or an overwhelming desire to see me naked, reach me at skeet_master@yahoo.com. I can also be reached on AOL Instant Messenger through my screenname LilFett and through my ICQ 24197618.

Updates From 1/30/98 - 4/19/01
Current Updates

Tuesday, April 10th, 2001 - 5:30 PM

-Eileen Is Quite The Troubleshooter

When I was trying to show her all the new pics yesterday Eileen informed me that there were none, not even the old ones. In my cutting and pasting fury I goofed on the tables which Netscape really doesn't like. Internet Explorer is much more forgiving so I didn't notice till now. Thanks Eileen, the wanna be limey.
Sunday, April 8th, 2001 - 7:40 PM


Hey! I did some serious updating to the Pictures section, so go check that crap out. I included some new photos and new stuff from my sketchbook. I also have a little backtracking below that explains spring break, which was overall good.

-Spring Broken

Spring Break this year rocked. I had both Bruce and Jiffy down here to visit lovely Savannah and much fun was had. Jeff brought his patented brand of "entertainment" down south and even got to visit Brunswick, the land of his youth (well after I stopped getting lost that is.) I hope you all know this means they are better friends than the rest of you. Ha! I'm not sharing my Nintendo either!
But... On the flipside of Spring Break - my car got smashed up. Here's the deal for those of you who don't know it. I was coming down the street with Bruce on his last day here. We had planned to go to the beach. Now, I have been known to speed on occasion but this wasn't one of them - this was a leisurely drive to the beach. Anyways, I was approaching a green light at an intersection and coming the reverse direction was another car hoping to make a left turn (her left.) Her plan was to pull as far out into the intersection as possible and just wait for the red light to turn. She would be blcoking the intersection and would be forced to make her left turn. I don't disapprove of that and have been know to do it myself when its a bad enough intersection that requires it.
But, and this is a big butt - think sumo here, she didn't actually wait for the red light before she made her turn. She pulled in front of me, I tried to slam the brakes on but it wasn't enough. My front right fender area smacked into her rear bumper, knocking it halfway off. A bike cop came (after much waiting I might add) and she told him I ran a red light. Bruce and I both saw the light, and it was green. Plus she was practically under the damn light anyways, so how could she have seen it? Anyways, the bike cop cited us both and I have to go to court to prove my innocence at the end of the month. Like I needed something else to deal with.
The only good news I can think of is that my car still drives and just looks all banged up. However I'm not very insured, so it might have to stay that way for a while. Hell, I didn't even get to put up pics of the car when I bought it and its already smashed up. Damn.
Wednesday, April 4th, 2001 - 4:44 AM

-New and Improved!

Hey check this out. A slightly new layout and new message boards. Interesting eh? Let me know what you guys think. Or if there's any problems. I know that the counter isn't working and I didn't put the AB section up yet, so you don't have to tell me about those.
Monday, January 22nd 2001 - 1:03 PM

-A Merry Christmas

Well, aside from that part with UPS, the rest of my break went very well. I got to see a bunch of people, earn myself out of debt, and even go sledding. I hope everyone else had as good a break as I did.

-C'mon, Don't Booshit Me!

Y'know whats funny. This Bruce Weaver character who sold me my car kept pointing out how it had never been in an accident. He probably said that about 6 times during my viewing of the car. And guess what: I just got the car back from my mechanic (I was having it repaired during break) and he told me the damage done to the suspension is definetely from some sort of accident. Thats funny. Don't you think? Anyways, lets just say I've lost a lot of respect for that guy, and I'm going to be more wary in the future when buying used vehicles.


Well, I sucked it up and decided to take 2D Animation I again during my winter quarter. This time however I have a nice British woman (I already had Media Studies I with her husband) and not Nancy Beiman, Destroyer of Wills. It should be a good quarter. My other two classes, World Religions and Media Studies II, also look to be pretty good classes.
Tuesday, October 31st 2000 - 1:30 AM

-What A Hallo-Weenie

Lesson to all of you: make costumes in advance. Well for those of you that wear them at least. I have the beginnings and possibly endings of a pretty good Moltar costume, but not only did I miss all the cool parties this weekend, I'm not even sure if I'll have that mutha ready for Halloween proper. If I do, you can bet there will be some sweet-ass pics up to prove it.

-Where Are the Flying Cars Dammit?!?

This is the kind of frustration roomie Jim felt after that whole Y2 charade, and I hope none of my more faithful fans are feeling this angst too. In other words, I keep saying I'm going to update with some kickass stuff and then I don't. So far it looks like the best you're gonna get is this "news" update.
However, I do have some good tricks planned. I have been doing a lot of reading about Cascading Style Sheets. Hopefully this will allow me to make my site frameless and a whole lot easier to update (yay!)
The other changes I hope to make are the photos (there are still pictures of my first roommate up there), sounds (more sounds for the weird stuff area), and the much mentioned reviews section.

-Your Substitute Today Will Be Lucifer

If only it were for only one day... You non-SCAD people may not know this, but my current 2D animation teacher is pretty mean and that class is kicking my butt in general. Hopefully, I will not have to go insane this quarter, but only time will tell. Apparently she knows her stuff (she's ex-Disney) but has no soul (she's ex-Disney.)
Wednesday, September 6th 2000 - 2:30 PM

-On the Road Again...

Hey everyone. I've returned to Savannah, so any questions about the Mass Pike, snow, or the Kennedy's should be directed to my family or Skeet. I will only be available to talk about Johnny Mercer.
I was on the road because this time I actually drove down to Savannah. Thats a long drive let me tell you. I had a brief stopover at Quinn Central in Virginia where I caravanned the rest of the way from the next day.
As far as the drive down: New York and New Jersey pretty much ate it, Virginia was scenic, and the roads in South Carolina reminded me of Legoland or something - not too good for my suspension. But I'm glad I made the drive because now I have a car down here and I also got to see traffic in other parts of our fine nation, a melting pot of traffic if you will.

-HQ Update

I also have an apartment down here this year, a big change from the dorms. So far I like it, I'm just concerned about becoming a hermit now that I have no need to go outside. I'll start getting worried when my skin looks like Sketch's.
As of now, its just me and Sketch. J-Dawg won't be in the house until Thursday I believe, and even then he'll probably be too tired to do anything but draw duckies. I guess that will be the best time to go through his wallet too.

-More On the Way...

I don't know if any of you remember, but I did promise a reviews section at some point. I am still working on this puppy. I have the basic framework down, just need to do all the actual reviewing proper.

-Better Than Watching Half-Naked People Stranded On An Island

I'm of course referring to my message board. People just keep coming in and telling others what they think about movies, dancing yogurts and other ginchy stuff. If you haven't stopped by the message board I invite you too. Everyone is welcome and we've been trying to keep the inside-joke level fairly low. Have fun!
Monday, August 15th 2000 - 11:30 PM

-I'm Dead!

No, I'm not really dead, I just thought it would be a welcome contrast to all the "I'm Not Dead" updates that people put on their webpages (see below for examples).
Now that you're done laughing your asses off we can get down to business. As you can see I'm updating the page. I know its been awhile so I'm gonna try to add some more genuine content.

-Lusitania Sunk! ... AGAIN!

Yes, bow your heads in sadness as you hear this sorry news: the big whompin' Cadillac we knew as "Big Blue" is now no longer with us. I junked it.
I know some of you are wondering where you will be able to store nautical mementos and why the "powder blue" beast is no longer with us. I junked it because the front seats were getting to be rather dangerous: the floor of the car (which the seats were attached to) was rusting out, and the front seat attachments had rotted out so that whenever I accelerated quickly (which I so love to do) the seats would fly back a little. It wasn't too safe.
I vetoed the option to cruise around town on a unicycle (sorry Greg, although I do have a learner's permit to use my pop's motorcycle - very cool) and have instead been using Ma and Pa Kent's Volvo wagon, the uncoolest ride in town.
Although, in the past few days I have managed to aquire a new car: a 1988 Nissan 300ZX. Its a cool little sports car that I haven't registered yet (probably in 2 days in case you care) and I should have some pictures on the way.

-Geddy Lee: The best bassist ever

Actually, I have nothing to say about Geddy Lee, its just a line from a movie. But I did buy my friend Jeff's bass guitar recently. We had dinked around using it before but hadn't played too seriously. Maybe now that I can practice we will finally play some songs to completion without Jeff having to help me through it. I can also practice with Wayne now. Look out SCAD.

-Web Design

Well camp is over, all 2 sessions. The first I "taught" Fantasy Adventures and the second I taught Web Design. I was very impressed with the pages the kids made, and most of them kicked Jim's page's ass.
But alas, now camp is over and I have nothin' to do with my time. Should be going camping this weekend and hopefully I will have pics to put up after. Although someone hasn't put up the pictures on their page yet from the last trip.
Monday, May 11th 2000 - 1:30 AM

-Working for Nothing!

Thats right - I've taken to working for nothing. Ok, lemme clarify. I'm helping out with animation for a mod for Half-Life called Mastersword. I don't get paid or anything but the job isn't demanding and its great experience. So far I have done some basic animations for a minotaur looking dude. He should be ready to compile and stick in the game pretty soon so I can beat on him and relieve stress. I had something else to put in this update but damned if I can remember... Oh Yeah!

-Weird Stuff Is Back!

...with a vengeance. That's right, true believers, because you demanded it: Weird Stuff, as you like it. Hope you survive!
Monday, May 8th 2000 - 3ish AM

-Blast You Bicnet!

In case you haven't noticed, my host for this page was bought/merged with Bicnet and my old address usually shows up briefly then changes to the Bicnet one. Just change your links and save yourself the trouble because sometimes it doesn't want to come here automatically.
In other incompetency news, my counter has once again broken. I have already sent one email about this with no answer - hopefully the one I wrote tonite/this morning will do the trick. If you really care, it had twenty-something thousand hits on it before it was terminated.

-Would You Like That Blown Up?

Hey! I got a job! No, I'm not a demolitions expert - I'm actually working in the photography building (see aren't I clever?) at SCAD. I work in the "Digital Imaging Lab" which sounds pretty impressive but is mostly just a lot of scanners. Well, I guess they're impressive dollar-wise...
Its not too stressful, and when there's not much business I do homework or engage in intense games of Pokemon Blue on an emulator. The other bonus to working in Bergen Hall is that they're are lots of ladiez which at SCAD, with its kickin 3:1 ratio, is quite impressive. Ok, I don't know if its 3:1 - that may just be my excuse for not finding a girlfriend here. :)

-12 Steps to Freedom

That last news nibblet reminded me - I seem to have a minor smiley addiction. I tend to put those little ":)"'s on the end of a lot of my online content and conversations. I always used to stick em in there a lot because of my sarcastic ways - now I realize just don't use sarcasm on the internet at all. Its not worth it - you may find yourself at a pick-up game with Aditya or something. Check it: no smileys!
Monday, May 1st 2000 - 2ish AM

-Still At School

Although most colleges are getting out around now, I just want to make it clear that SCAD doesn't get out until the end of the month on May 27th. I'm going to stay another day on the gamble that Noel will actually graduate this year (as I write this he sits in my room playing Pokemon instead of writing a rough draft for a paper - damnit Noel!)
When I get back, I actually have some things planned. Right now I don't know what will be going on when I immediately back - I have sent off a resume to Looking Glass Studios in Cambridge. They told me they don't know what their current hiring situation is so I don't know what'll be happening. I'm definetely working for College Academy for 6 weeks this summer: 3 teaching "fantasy adventures"(D&D you dirty minded fools), and the other 3 teaching web design. Wish me luck :)
As far as leisure (said phonetically "lez-yer" by Captain Picard,) I don't know too many specifics either. I would like to go camping on the Cape this summer and scare all my friends...and eat smores. And maybe do something healthy and wholesome too - like T'ai Chi on the beaches or something. Hehe.

-Minor Changes

I did some minor aesthetic (good art school word) tweaks to the webpage as well as fixing some spelling and text formatting errors. I also changed some of the header fonts - lemme know what you think.
Tuesday, April 4th 2000 - 2:30 AM

-In the Can With Stan

Last weekend I got to go to Megacon 2000 in Orlando, Florida with Action to Action, SCAD's "comic book club" to oversimplify things. It was quite a hefty drive but it was pretty well worth it in the end. I also got to feel what its like in a place hotter than Savannah. :)
Of course being the po' college student that I am I didn't actually buy much (my monetarily gifted fellow students more than made up for me though) but I did snag a lot of free stuff - the best kind :) Popular (and non-popular) publishers had there own tables out: DC/Wildstorm, Top Cow, Awesome Entertainment, Chaos Comics, and Dark Horse. Strangely there were no Marvel tables there but there was plenty of everyone's favorite overpimped Crossgen comics and all kinds of Wizard hooligans in full force. I pretty much scoffed at them (Wayne helped too). Its our belief that Wizard has an unfortunate nuthold monopoly on comic book and related news just by default. Wayne and I have plans however....heehee. Perhaps we can even hire ex-Wizard Thug Keith to help us know their methods.
Well, besides that there was all kinds of other "cult" crap: toys, animes, hippies, Roleplaying, Wargames, Live Action rp'ers, and Ghetto Tech: a weirdass web-based adventure show with some people in weird armor. They had very nice women. Actually, there were many "very nice women" to be seen at Megacon. Granted, there were also women who made me wish that I was a monk, but there was plenty of good in the world. One of mine and Wayne's personal faves was a model for Chaos Comic's who carried a katana around. I don't know who she was though. Razor maybe?
But probably the best part of the whole shindig was the chance to watch a trivia game and question and answer session with some of comics oldest and youngest greats. Michael Turner (Fathom, Witchblade), Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, some Crossgen foolishness), and Garth Ennis (Preacher, Hitman, The Punisher) represented the younger talents. The older guys were John Romita Sr. (lots of Spider-Man, Daredevil, Captain America, Fantastic Four), Roy Thomas ( X-Men and other Marvel stuff, lots of Conan), and the granddaddy of comicdom Stan "The Man" Lee (I don't think I can list it all.) It was really cool seeing all these people and hearing from all these people. I have a new respect for pretty much all of them. Stan Lee was just like I thought he'd be (except for this web-comics stuff) and then some. He's a very funny guy too. Roy Thomas took a close second though and I think I'm gonna go get some of his stuff when I get a chance. Ron Marz impressed me even though I don't really read much stuff of his and Garth Ennis was funny the way he matter-of-factly described some pretty graphic scenes. He also has a pretty funny Irish accent and I do a pretty good Garth now (in my opinion at least.) He also had to clear up the fact that his name is not pronounced so that it rhymes with penis. :)
But perhaps you're wondering why I chose to title this tidbit "In the Can..." Well, after the break between the trivia game ( a charity event hosted by hot-and-cold host Wizard's Jim McLaughlin) and the Q&A session, I had to take a patented Ethan poop. While I was "doing my duty" this janitor kept coming in and banging on stuff all over the bathroom - it was not an easy way to relax. After coming into the stall next to mine and making noises like he was raping the tp dispenser, the clod finally left (I have nothing against janitors - just idiots.) I was just about finishing up when the door swung open again and I thought for sure it was that oafish janitor. But to my surprise there were 2 guys in the bathroom now and one of them was Stan Lee!
Stan and some other guy were discussing some kind of business venture. The man wanted to invest $600,000(!) in some type of comic book(s?) that were related to Stan and Marvel. I'm still not clear exactly what kind of deal this was. Stan was kinda wary and thought that was a lot of money to be spending on a comic. The other guy compared it to "that guy who bought the baseball" (Toddy McFarlane I'm pretty sure) and said it would be great for one of Stan's biggest selling books. I'm still not sure exactly what this cryptic can conversation was all about but it sounds big. Anyways, there I was releasing the hostages and listening to Stan Lee talk. I almost jumped out of my stall and shook his hand, then I realized the complications involving wiping and handwashing. Still, I tried to hurry things as much as I could in an effort to catch Stan when there weren't so many strange people around him but my bowels were too slow :( I still look upon the experience as one of the cooler ones I've had in my life - at least while shitting.
Overall, the trip was a pretty good success aside from Jim's eyeballs acting up and some minor flash photography incidents... I'll talk about these in more detail later. I took the digital camera with me on the journey and I'm hoping to use this to make the "travelogue" section of the webpage beefy enough to put up. Wish me luck :)
Tuesday, March 14th 2000 - 11ish PM

-Site Update

Ok, got a minor update for all of you. Some news (look down stupid) and some new pics in the Computer Art section. I hope you will all continue the great response to the message board. As for the future, I'm hoping to add a reviews section, the much-vaunted Thundercats outtakes, redo the Arnold area, and add a new feature that is part travelogue - part stupid. :)

-Erin Go BLEEARGH!!!

Oh yay! Its almost St. Patrick's day - time to watch the city of Savannah get drunk off its collective ass. I know some people think its fun to watch drunk people cuz they're "so funny" and "entertaining" but not me. I think I'd rather be "so funny" all on my own. Now let it be said I really don't have anything against drinking when people know when the #@$% to stop, but I think getting chronically drunk to have fun is stupid. There I said it. I don't know what the hell I'm doing for St. Patrick's day but I hope I can still find some stuff to do without drunkeness.

-Winter Quarter Comes to an End...

Well this is probably one of my best quarters yet here at SCAD - at least academically. I got a lot of work done and I don't think I bombed in any of my classes. In fact, I may have a few A's to flash at people now. The line-up for next quarter looks like: Arts of China, History of Film, and Media Studies I. Arts of China is an art history, not studio, class so I'll get to do some studying and say "fang pi" a lot. History of Film is pretty self-explanatory. Media Studies I is a lot of 2d animation stuff - not with computers. I'm not sure exactly why, but it is the prerequisite for a lot of Computer Art classes so its about time I took it (Electronic Painting was an elective.)
Saturday, Jan 29th 2000 - 2:16 PM

-Hot Showers for All!

I don't think you people know how signifigant this is because I never told you what happened. We lost hot water here at Weston House on Friday. Since Weston House also houses the cafeteria we've been eating cold food and food shipped down from Oglethorpe House. Suffice it to say, this has really ate one. But today we got hot water! I'm mucho happy because now I can shower and not have to rely on my manmusk alone to draw in all the chicas.
On the bummer side of things, its still mighty cold down here in Savannie. My nose is stuffed up and I don't enjoy it. I guess I should consider myself lucky that we don't have snow, but then again, I'd kinda like to see some snow since I didn't see any on Winter break. :(
Thursday, Jan 27th 2000 - 10:58 PM

-The Update You've All Been Waiting For

Hey! It's here! Some of you may have heard me talking about doing a bit update to the page: Well here it is. I've created an entirely new section of Pix where you can get all the graphical Ethan you need. I've also taken these images out of the Personal section to streamline the design of the site a little more. I've also made some minor changes to other parts of the page. Tell me what you think! (visit the messageboard, its easier than email)
My next big project will be to get my semi-interactive Reviews section up and running. This will hopefully be a repository of the ideas of me and my crew (both Maynard and SCAD.) I've also gotten requests to bring back the Thundercats outtakes in some form. I believe I will be adding some kind of new sounds section to accomadate these and other non-Arnold sounds. Hopefully, this stuff will keep you sated until then. :)
Monday, January 10th, 2000 - 6:36 PM

-My 2nd Trimester

I'm back at SCAD now and I'm back to schoolwork. A welcome exchange from Star Market. No real changes here at SCAD except its a little cooler out and I don't get to wear shorts all the time. Getting down here was quite the adventure though, because I ended up having to take the train to the infamous home of Calico: Danville, VA. I spent the night (or more like the morning) there and we drove down to Savannah in his fam's tricked out conversion van - very cool. If any of Calico's people are reading this, Thank You! :)
I'll tell ya a little about my current classes and activities now. :) I had trouble registering for classes (as did many others) this quarter because of the newfangled online registration system. I ended up picking them all the last minute. This was pretty frustrating so I hope both myself and SCAD are better prepared next quarter. One benefit of the new online registering is that you have a lot more flexibility with what you can get (at least ideally) and you can easily see who is teaching the given courses and how many people are trying to get into it.
Electronic Painting looks to be pretty promising. I have a cool professor and it looks like a really useful class. Despite its name we cover all kinds of 2d art using Fractal Design Painter and Adobe Photoshop (a little) in addition to talking about printing, scanning and all the other miscellaneous elements of digital art. My Human and Animal Anatomy class also looks pretty promising. Although sometimes the class is reduced to silly memory games, overall the content is very important to me. My last class is a Beginning Fiction Theory/ Workshop class that seems like it could go both ways right now. In some ways I would really like to improve and work on my creative writing skills, but I also don't want to listen to people bs'ing their way through discussions of literature. But we'll see...
Activitieswise, I haven't really been so strong. Last quarter I had trouble keeping up with that Aikido class on account of I have no money. Ideally, I will be getting a job and continuing Aikido classes this quarter. I think I'm also going to try to restart up the SCAD Drama Club. I hope that I can organize well enough to get that going because I think it was fun last year and I think we have enough people here. I don't know. I also wanna go do more "social" activities but it seems like all you can do around here is go get drunk. I dunno, its a little disappointing.
Tuesday, November 16th, 1999 - 7:00 PM

-Film and Video Fest

Well, I did in fact get to go see some stuff at the festival. As far as new and competitive pieces, I saw Kate's Addiction, a direct-to-video or USA Original movie waiting to happen. It was so bad it was funny and all I can say is this: psycho-lesbian version of the Cable Guy. :)
As far as other events, I got to see Bill Plympton, the animator who does those weird shorts that look almost like moving colored pencil(lately I've seen him in those blasted Geico Direct ads on TV). He is a really cool artist and we got too see some of his work, including some x-rated stuff that really made me think twice about him :) He too has a dark side!
To prove that all Hollywood is not glamourous, we also saw a documentary entitled Get Bruce! which detailed the life of a strange man, Bruce Vilanch. I had no idea who he was (apparently he's on Hollywood Squares at the moment as well) but his job is to make people at awards shows (Oscars, benefits, etc) funny. How strange :) He writes lines and routines for some of the best: Billy Crystal, Robin Williams Whoopi... I don't know, it was very strange to hear about the actualy details of the job and also pretty funny to boot.
And lastly, I got to attend a special screening of Cool Hand Luke followed by a lil discussion with Hank Moonjean (I think he was assistant director?) and George Kennedy, the guy who's the chief in the naked gun movies and he's in those airplane ones too. I don't know how else to describe him :) He's really big too - bigger than me. :)

-Movies and Arnold...

I finally got to see American Beauty at the theater's last week when everyone else went to go see Dogma. I had to beg to find the money but it was well worth it. The movie itself was one of the most moving and beautiful movies I have seen in a while and I highly recommend it.
The other reason I mention this is because I also finally saw the trailer for End of Days which everyone has been telling me to see/download. Well, I saw it and I do believe this movie will kick some serious buttocks! I can't wait... I hope all my bum friends from the AB area will go see it with me Thanksgiving Weekend :)
Oh yeah, I also caught an Arnold appearance in the strangest of all places: the WWF! Mad Michael Lynn told me about him appearing on "Thursday Night Smackdown" so I got him to tape it for me. Aside from the usual laughfest of wrasslin hijinks, Arnold's appearance was pretty goddamn funny! I hope to figure out how to abuse the equipment in the video department as their are some pretty choice video captures I'd like to make :)
Thursday, November 4th, 1999 - 4:00 AM


Earlier on this page, I stated that Calico's "Goof Bug" was a '67 Super Beetle when in fact it is more like a '73. OOPS! Volkswagen fanatics of the world, please don't kill me. Please.

-Wait, Isn't Georgia in the South?

Well, thats what we all thought. Someone please tell the weather gods or whoever 'cause it seems they forgot and gave us Iowa's weather. I don't know, probably some kind of bureaucratic thing. Just fix it so I can wear my shorts again.

-Its the Little Things...

I did some wee updates to the page (a free online pat on the back to those who can find 'em) :) I'm hoping to throw up some more pics and stuff soon. Its hard to decide how much to show though.

-SCAD Famous Again

Its about that time when our darned school and Savannah get some famousity. The big thing down here in Savannah is this new Robert Redford foolishness The Legend of Bagger Vance which involves lots of cool old cars down in the middle of town. That and I think some Will Smith guy is here.
Number two is not quite as well known but more cool I think: The Savannah Film and Video Fest. Supposedly this year is gonna kick some booty. I'm hoping to catch it all free with my SCAD ID :)
Saturday, October 16th, 1999

-Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

Can this many updates in such a short span of time mean anything good for our green Earth? :)
Well, I changed my links, changed my "Personal" page, and got rid of "Weird Stuff" temporarily. Let me know what you all think... Oh! And keep Posting to that dadgummed message board!

-Seagal is Not An Option!

I've been taking lessons in Aikido at a place outside downtown Savannah. Its a very different martial art from what I've seen. I've paid for one month of lessons now and we'll soon see if I pay for another.
Friday, October 8th, 1999, 3:39 AM

-But You Forgot, I Was An Art Student Mother@#$%er!

Well, well, well... My name is Ethan, and in case you forgot, I run this blastnabbed page! Thats right - I may not be here to back that up all the time, but I do. And now I'm back, taking names and...er..writing html. Hmm... Oh well.
Anyways, I'm back at school now...Much, much, much has happened since my last update and I'm sure all of you(or just Dan) have been waiting, nay drooling in anticipation, for the next kickin' update. Well, here ya go. Not much is NEW except I updated the links section a little and I updated the Alumni Page.

-We Are No Longer 138!

Alas, the days of Dyson House 138 are over here at SCAD, and I'm now in Weston 170. You may be wondering just what this means... Well, Weston is right next door to Dyson - in fact, its where I had to go to eat last year. Not terribly unfamiliar territory. My room is bigger than last year(those of you who live in "real" college dorms may now be green with envy) and has much better climate control - an important factor when living in the armpit of the "Coastal Empire." Speaking of my location, this leads me to another interesting point...

-Floyd, King of Wuss Hurricanes!

Ok, so maybe those people in the Carolinas might disagree, but as far as I'm concerned Floyd was nothing more than a lot of events/movies-with-Keanu-or-Jedi-in-them in this decade - hype. Floyd came up to Savannah, scared the @#$# out of the homeless here, then left as soon as it heard I was really dirty and tired from evacuating. Big waste of time, although we did get out of classes and meet some new people. I even got to drive Calico's 1967(?) VW Super Beetle! Kickin'! :)

-What'll They Think of Next!?!

I'm sorry, I have to get this badboy off my chest before it eats all my chest hair: What the hell is up with Gogurt?!? I know this sounds very Seinfeld and everything, but why do we need Gogurt: Portable Yogurt. In case you haven't seen this freakish invention, its yogurt - in a tube! Yes! Just like toothpaste! How appetizing :)
I guess my major question here is: Since when has yogurt ever been non-portable? When was the last time you saw someone rolling an oil drum full of yogurt to the break room for a yogurt break, or rented a semi-rig to transport your yogurt from home to school, or saw a jumbo jet full of yogurt?!? Ok, you get the idea... I'm sorry :) The internet does lend itself to rants though, so I figured I'd give it a try. Hopefully, I will have something important to write about soon. Hopefully ...
Thursday April 29th, 1999

-2, Count 'Em, 2 Message Boards!

Since the original board has become pretty random, I put up a second board for just Arnold stuff. Its linked off of the Arnold Sounds Page.
Tuesday April 20th, 1999


Since I'm such a hotshot art student now, I worry about things like "unity in design." :) Thats why I'm proud to say the Arnold page finally looks like it belongs on the rest of the site. Yay :)
Sunday April 18th, 1999

-More Addresses

Just a minor update to the links area. Hey if any of you people have Arnold sites or if you're friends who have a page and no other links, lemme know and I'll try puttin' em up.
Monday April 12th, 1999

-Donkey Kong and You

Well, I got some of those pictures of my Donkey Kong project up. Just go into the personal stuff section and look under art... I need some feedback on these, please :) Oh yeah, keep the messages coming on the new board. :)

-Post-Apocalyptic Fun

Lately, I've been neglecting schoolwork, friends and personal hygiene for the refreshing company of Fallout 2. This game kicks some serious buttski... Fallout 1 was cool and 2 is even better. Its a RPG with addictive tendencies, sick humor, and cool cartoons.
Sunday April 11th, 1999

-Message Board Up

Hey I finally got the Message Board up and running. Go and check it out. Its mostly for Arnold stuff but anything site related is welcome. Have fun! :)
Saturday April 10th, 1999

-So You Thought I Was Dead?

Geez, just when I thought I was gonna get to update this page, bad things happen. For starters, my computer that I was borrowing, Calico's laptop, had to go with him to the _hospital_ because his lung collapsed during a godawful Adv. Computer Apps class. No one knows why, except maybe the dark powers in the conspiracy against him... He's doing pretty well right now but he won't be able to finish his third quarter here at SCAD cuz he's been in the hospital so much.
You may be saying, "But Ethan, I thought you were all about getting a new roommate for third quarter - namely Wes the Buffy-lovin' computer totin' Georgian. Why don't you just use his blasted machine?" Well, I wish it were that easy, I really do. If you're interested in an epic tale of lies, espionage, and deodorant that sums up my first two weeks back from spring break, then read on, True Believers, as I tell you of The Day Things Got A Little Rusty...
The story actually starts quite awhile before I got back from break. You see, as the 2nd quarter went on, my roommate Greg grew more and more dissatisfied with SCAD and Savannah for his own reasons and talked to his friends and myself about possibly transferring to someplace back in Pennsylvania. This was around late February. By about this time, I had been talking to a friend down the hall Wes about the whole Greg thing and we were thinking that if Greg did decide to move out we could move Wes in next quarter. Since we didn't know anything for sure though we waited to see what Greg would actually do.
By mid march, Spring Break was approaching and final projects and exams were rearing their ugly head. Greg had finally decided on this being his final quarter at SCAD. Wes and I took our cue and talked to my RA about getting him in their after Greg. My RA seemed to think it was all good and said the only problem might be that we would have to move him in _after_ break - not really a big problem. Later on, he informed us the RD had already made housing assignments for the next quarter and that I might have to get a new roommate because we didn't approach her with this by late February - go figure. Wes and I were pretty miffed about the whole thing but the chance that I might have a single kept me going :)
Well, I did all that I could - went home for break and tried to think of a polite way to tell a new student that he would have to move out because he didn't fit into the Ethan/Wes plan for World Peace. I never did think of any really good way to say that but luckily, I didn't need to because my new roommate gave me so many new _non_polite ways to say it...
I got back to the dorms around 12:30 AM on the 22d(I think) and said hi to some of my pals who had also gotten back. Things were going pretty well until I opened my door. I didn't really know what to expect when I got back but the mess in my room was _not_ one of the imagined little encounters I had dreamed up on the flight down. The first and biggest shock was the absence of the loveseat or "Caramel Couch" as Wayne dubbed it. Greg and I had split that couch $25 a piece and I didn't really say anything to him about it and he didn't say anything to me before he left so I just kinda assumed it was staying. Oh well, sounds like I need to be more aggressive next time. :)
The rest of the room was in pretty bad condition. The bathroom was a wreck... a combination of Greg leaving a lot of stuff in it and my new roommate leaving it open. My toothpaste was open and splattered all over the sink and there was shaving cream spilled around it. The shower was surprisingly clean and untouched which I thought was pretty weird. As I walked out of the bathroom area I was greeted by a ratty Carmen Electra poster(pg-13) and a dark room. I never realized just how dark my room got without Greg's big lamp. After tripping on some musty looking rugs sloppily laid down on the floor I turned on my wee lamp and saw everything else.
On top of the dirty rugs was my High School Yearbook. How did that get there? There were half-empty cans of soda all over the room and even on my dresser. The floor was decorated with an ecclectic mix of vending machine food wrappers, papers, magazines and underwear - all getting dangerously close to my bed. The only other adornment was a cheezy blacklite Bob Marley poster and some photos taped up above his bed. At this point I was thinking, " Oh great, I've got a slobby roommate... ugh." Then I got a closer look at some stuff.
I looked at the pictures on his wall to see that they weren't pictures of the family dog or the prom but were instead photos of his girlfriend trying to look seductive in swimsuits and a nightgown. Next to them was a card that said, "Rusty - I can't wait to marry you!" Wow, I couldn't imagine why anyone would wanna get married so early.
Then I went over to my desk and started clearing off the crap I had left there before I left. I opened a CVS bag that I thought had some deodorant to discover a home pregnancy test instead. Hmm, maybe marriage was coming a little too _late_... :) I also moved a piece of paper that looked like a class schedule but was instead a probation notice from the state of Maryland. Things were getting betterr and better... :) I talked to my RA about it and he told me Rusty was a guy from the dorm across the street. He told me not to touch any of Rusty's stuff and to tell him when he finally showed up in the room so they could have a talkt. He also warned me that Rusty had had some problems with borrowing big budget items like cars... Well, at least I didn't have to worry about _that_.
I was more than a little worried, but since I had class in the morning, it seemed like a good time to hit the hay. I went to sleep and woke up at around 9 in the morning to a stranger carrying on a phone conversation - rather rudely in fact. It turns out this was Rusty chatting with his fiance - something about him using her car to take car of the parole stuff. I didn't catch too much of it because I was pretty busy trying to look asleep. :) Rusty did finally notice me and pulled up a stool to start speaking to my groggy head.
Rusty decided to introduce himself - no apologies or anything - and tell me his story. He told me he was a soccer player who was going to school here for free, already making him pretty sad in my book. He started telling me how he had all this stereo equipment back in his old room and that he was gonna move that and a couch into ours. He said he would only be living in the room for about 4 weeks - that actually helped make me forget his jerkiness for a little while. Then he started on the vehicles. Supposedly, the boy had a BMW sports coupe, a new bigass Ford truck and just bought his girlfriend a 95 Mustang. He even said he'd let me use them. Wow... and he even said, "You may wonder why I have all this money..." He explained that his dad was the CEO of Ford Investments. In four weeks, he would be able to move into the _house_ that his father had bought him as an engagement present. I look over at his cheesy posters and think, "Boy, the rich really _don't_ know how to spend their money..." :)
By this time I was getting pretty _sick_ of hearing about Rusty and his many reasons why I should appreciate him. Eventually I just made a show of getting up and getting dressed and went off to talk to some _normal_ friends of mine. I came back to the room a little before eleven and there was Rusty. The big surprise was that Rusty needed something from _me_. Rusty said he needed $250 in cash down at the Savannah Jail by around 11:30 or he was going to jail. Hmm... Now I didn't like the guy too much but if I was gonna live with him, I may as well _try_ to help him out. Rusty wanted me and my pals to try to rustle up the cash, in return he would write a check for the $250. In the end, Wes, Brad and I gave in and raised the money. Hell, we even gave him a ride downtown after we cashed the check.
When I got back to the dorms I talked to some friends that I knew through Greg. They already knew I had a roommate and they knew more about him than I did. When I asked them about him, they had only bad news: he was a jerk and a compulsive liar and he had a nasty habit of writing bad checks. Hmm...Well things pretty much sucked for me at this point.
Well, from here on I decided this guy should not be living with me, or with anyone for that matter...other people told me he should not be living period. I won't bore you with the details of me talking to residence life people and other Rusty victims. It was pretty tough to get a hold of him, let alone get rid of him - he never showed up in my room till 3 in the morning and he'd usually leave around 9 when I was still asleep. According to the Residence Life rules Rusty was clean, so we ended up getting him out on a technicality: Rusty never registered for classes in the week he was here so he wasn't allowed to live in the dorms.
Everything seemed to be working out: Rusty was leaving, Wes was moving in, and Rusty's dad had been notified and was gonna pay us back. Well, we don't have the money back _yet_ - they're still working on that. Rusty, being the compulsive liar that he was, told me he was going overseas with the Navy. Whatever... But thats not the really weird part. The weird part is the items missing from my room. Now I had taken care to put most of my cool/valuable stuff in other rooms to avoid such an incident. Here's the weird stuff that was gone after he left:

-3 Martha Stewart Bath Towels, all in some state of use or dirtiness
-1 Broom and Dustpan set
-1 Nerf Dart Gun, broken
-2 Hand towels, clean
-1 Bottle of Shout Stain Pre-Treat
-1 Bottle of Laundry Detergent
-1 Container of Deodorant, used
-1 Jar of Nutella, a hazelnut-chocolate spread for breads(like peanut butter), also open

If any of you can figure out what the hell he was thinking, please let me know... :)

-In Other News...

If you got done reading that beast of an editorial, maybe you'd like to here some cooler stuff that doesn't involved klepto liars who go bump in the dorms....
Hey, it was my brother's birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Jason :) He's a whopping 16 now and is not going near my car - I don't care if I have to put some Mad Max boobytraps on that badboy...Sorry :)
I got some cool classes this quarter: Drawing II, Survey of Western Arts II and Advanced Computer Applications. Oooh! A computer course! Too bad the teacher is a strange little man who should not be teaching and looks like Mario or Luigi - I'm not sure which. I'm gonna be doing a cool project for this class: using 3d Studio Max to design an office area for someone famous - in my case Donkey Kong :) I'm gonna try to put up some stills of the objects I've made when I get a chance...
Monday March 1st, 1999

-Even More Changes to the Page of Fun

Oooh and aaah people cuz the changes just keep coming to the page of fun. That's right - now there's even pictures of my room up. I've made a few other minor changes for the overall design of the site as well. With all this done I hope to be able to finally get down to business and redesign the Arnold and Weird Stuff sections of the page and hell - maybe I'll even put up that Buffy section sometime soon... :)
Saturday February 20th, 1999

-More Changes to the Page of Fun

After trying and trying to get my damn school email account to work, I've finally given up and gotten a Yahoo account. I'd say, if you have to get some web based email, go with Yahoo. Its pretty cool, very customizable and not big on advertisements. So far, I haven't had any spam problems either. The new addy is above in the intro in case you didn't notice.
But thats not all thats going on with the page... If all goes well you should see a new section called Personal Stuff up that will have some cool new stuff like my artwork that I could get pictures of and some general background about me.
And last but not least, I'll be taking over for Coop on the Acton-Boxboro Class of '98 Alumni contact list thing. I hope no one will forget about it just cuz its moved.
Monday January 18th, 1998..er I mean 99 :)

-Back with the Good Ol' Boys

I'm back at school after a long and wearying break of working at the bookstore. It wasn't too bad and I did earn some money to boot. I had some fun with the fam while I was back and I even got to chill with my pals when they finally all got back(no ski trips tho - bummer).
But now I'm back where its warm and the food is sad. Thats one thing that stunk, all this time I had been waiting to get back to my mom's cooking and then when I finally did get back she was too busy at work too cook :( She did whip up some good stuff for the many family gatherings we had though, so I guess I shouldn't complain :)

-Still Leeching off your Friends? Tsk, Tsk...

If there's one thing I've really learned while being here at college is that most people are in the same boat. We all have relatively little money and we're all pretty good at sharing. There are still some people who insist upon personally owning everything but who cares. Geez, I'm making this sound like some kind of communal cult and thats not what I'm aiming for :) Wow, I just realized this isn't even my computer I'm typing this out on... :)
Well, I'm not sure what the purpose of this update was anymore... Perhaps I will finish this up later tonight when I remember :)
Wednesday November 11th, 1998

-Gawd, that last update sucked

Title says it all folks. No matter how much I say I'm gonna sit down and update this badboy, I never manage to really do it. Its pretty sad. Well, hopefully this update will interest more of you and get me more interested in maintaining the site.

-More Arnold?

As you all know, the main attraction of this site is really my vast collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds, but I'm hoping to make things even cooler in the Arnold department. I've fixed and redone the Arnold sounds page and I have some new ideas for it too.
I've gotten many requests concerning the Arnold sounds, mostly to make new ones. I know this sounds silly, but I simply don't know which kind of cords I need to record some new Arnold sounds directly to my friends computer, and after that little incident with one of my friends almost detonating his sound card(you know who you are) I'd really rather not find out the hard way. If anyone knows how, just lemme know.
Another suggestion that I've gotten is from those who know me personally. You see, I I really love impersonating Arnold too, and some people like my Arnold so much they think I should put up sounds of me doing Arnold. In response to this I may open up a new section of the Arnold sounds page with my own work. I am also thinking of having a goofy weekly contest that involves guessing which sound is me and which is da Man. I may wait on this one though because I really don't know how to program a voting booth into my page yet. Maybe someone can help me on this too.

-Ethan's Excellent Winter Break Adventure News

As many of my friends know, I'm trying to work out some sort of low-budget group trip to Lake Placid, New York during college winter break. Some of you know more about this than others but here is the bottom line: My boss has asked me too give him in advance the times I can work during winter break(yes I am actually going back to work - having no money for toilet paper will do that to a man) so I need to tell him. I'm going to call him up and tell him I need the weekends before and maybe after Christmas free(that would be the 18th-21st, Dec and 1st-4th, Jan respectively). Now I'm not sure who's going to be around except for some people who have sent me there break schedules. Maybe this will work, maybe not. Its just an idea to have some fun and there is always next year.
As for the "meat and potatoes" (god I love that) of the actual trip, I'm not entirely sure of anything yet except that it will be cold. :) There may be parents coming along but I doubt anyone has parents with the time, patience or free $ to go waste it with us. Also, this trip was originally a boys event full of burping, farting and wrassling in pee-stained snow - it has recently become open to the ladies as well.
Also, since nothing is actually planned :) there is no set of activities that I have all set. Originally, this outing was to get my weenie friends to try the sport of Bob Skeletoning (and if this update was done correctly, that link should be up now for those of you who want to learn more). It has evolved into more of a winter fun trip and those who aren't interested in careening down the bob run are more than happy to come. There are plenty of things to do up there like skiing, sledding, leering at the ice dancers, and picking up those who crashed while careening down the bob run. :)
Saturday November 7th, 1998

-The Joys of College Life

As I write this update, I'm watching The Princess Bride - one of my favorite movies. :) Now I get to work on my Andre the Giant voice! Pardon me if I'm a little out of it when I write this because I might be practicing silly rhymes.
Well, I've learned a lot of things here at college: don't eat a lot of pizza and save your change for the #$%#ing laundry. I'm sorry I can't help much more than that because my classes aren't terribly exciting yet. :)
Monday, September 28, 1998

-3 Months and a Poopload of Airline Flights Later

How-dee Yuh-All. Boy I sure do love GRITS now that I'm living down South! ... Okay, now that we've gotten that stereotypical stuff out of the way, I can talk about what's actually going on with me. No, I don't talk funny, say y'all, or eat silly Southern foods now - so don't even harass me about that stuff.
Okay, now that I've gotten my sarcastic side out of the way I can get on with this update. Much has happened.

-What the Hell's a SCAD?

Yay! I'm off at college and since I know someone with some computer action, I'm now again able to update the page. As for the header, SCAD is the unpleasant sounding acronym for my new school, Savannah College of Art and Design. I'm down here trying to study Computer Art, specifically animation stuff. As a result, I had to leave Royal D and the Lusitania back home.
I've met some really cool people down here and I'm lovin it. As I type this, I'm in Christina and Tina's room with Frankie using Calico's laptop. My roommate is pretty cool, except I think my Arnold poster has convinced him I'm gay... Online shout-outs to Brad, Wayne and the Comics Toast Mob. Enough Rambling: Now that I have this wonderful priviledge back I'm going to be playing around with my page and putting the stuff I had on the old page back up - Be There!
Tuesday, July 7th, 1998

-Weekly Update?

Well, maybe I'll make this update a weekly kind of thing but I because my personal news is very erratic.

-Ethan got Another Job?

Yes, I've just ended the 2nd day of the camp I work at. Things haven't been too bad there and as always the staff is a lot of fun to work with. It is a little tiring though and I'm not sure how things will work out holding two jobs like this...

-The Lusitania is on the Road!

In case you're wondering what the reference to the sunken ocean liner of World War I is doing on my page(Ms. Sheehan would be somewhat proud - then she'd make fun of me), its what I've settled on calling my boatlike car(or sometimes I call it the Orca - depends on my mood). Anyways this big badboy of a car is a powder-blue '78 Caddillac Coupe de Ville that scares the neighbors and anything else in front of it. Maybe I could get a picture of the beast up here sometime. Words will have to do for now :)

-Other Stuff...

Saw Armageddon this last weekend and I thought it was pretty cool. I'm not usually a big fan of Bruce Willis but I liked this film. Bruce (my friend, not Willis) and I agreed though that there were too many countdowns. :) Oh, and its pretty long, so try not to buy a large drink - you'll regret it. :)
Right now, I'm trying to fix some more stuff on the page and make it possible for those without frames(oh hell, its just Ben...) to view it. Any other ideas? I guess I'd like to hear em :)
For those of you locally reading this who would like to waste their time with cameras, Tim is still looking for people too make funny noises for his newest film Kung Fu Chicken or something like that. :)
Tuesday, January 30th, 1998

-Massive Update Time!

Yes I've finally improved my HTML mastery enough to update this sorry page and hopefully make you want to come back for more. I've still got lots more to do on this(you'll notice not all my links are working yet - they're on the way).I started off using Corel Web.Designer for this page but now I'm using a combonation of that and just text editing the HTML. I used a book called "HTML for the World Wide Web: Visual Quickstart Guide" from Peachpit Publishing(ISBN 020168862). It was really great for getting me started in HTML even though it only covers up to version 3.2. I would recommend it for anyone just starting and trying to get the hang of it. That's one reason why I included that ISBN in there...What could be the other? ? ?

-Ethan gets a job!

Yeah, I know its terribly old news but I still felt like putting it in. Yep, that's right, I'm finally raking in that sweet minimum wage :) I work at Royal Discount Bookstores now so if you ever need a book I'm your man! Hehee :)
Stupid Netscape!