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This section is where i have all my various pictures. There are some pictures I have created on the computer, scans of traditional artwork I've done, and pictures of me and my crew (some are digital camera and some are scans of photos).

Computer Art Traditional Art Photos
For my computer course this quarter we are learning how to use 3d Studio Max by creating an office with objects for a famous person. I chose to do Donkey Kong because DK rulez :) These here are some bananas I made. They are shaded with a basic yellow but do not have their actual textures on them yet. Their are two seperate views here. (4.9k and 6.0k)
Here's an image of a barrel I made for the old DK-meister. It has a wood texture on it but I don't really know how to texture yet. Maybe I'll put up another when I figure that out. :) (7.0k)
This is the desk design I have for Donkey Kong. Its got a banana shaped writing surface if you look closely. The drawers aren't finished yet. The objects are still slightly transparent so that I could arrange everything. This also lets you see how it was built - kinda. :) Its a lot harder than it looks actually...I've also included the other version of the desk. It has a much more pronounced banana surface and it also has some knobs for the drawers. (4.7k and 5.6k)
This here is my first assignment from Electronic Painting. The assignment was to use one brush for the whole piece. The program we used was Fractal Design Painter 5.5 (sometimes i use 5.0 - not too big a difference. Painter has many different types of kickin brushes: standard pencil, pen, oil paints, watercolors, charcoal, etc. Its like having a bunch of expensive art supplies at the cost of one expensive program. :) I used the charcoal brush here and it worked pretty well for me. This Painter program also kicks it when you use one of those digital pens cuz its pressure sensitive and it registers line weight and stuff. I will hopefully get to show you an example of this later. Oh yeah, this piece is a fake cave painting. (30.5k)
Some of you may recognize this piece from the traditional pix page. This is another piece for electronic painting class: take a piece of scanned line art and color it. I mostly used an airbrush to do this. I'm pretty happy with this piece. I don't know how Sketch feels. :) (24.4k)
Again, this is another piece of scanned artwork that I used for an assignment. This one required that we use "wet" media. I used oil paints to color this one. I might post another one later because I think I'm gonna revise this piece. (47.4k)
Here is a later piece from Electronic Painting that uses a little bit of everything. The house and trees were created by me last year using 3D Studio MAX for the Donkey Kong Project I had to do. A lot of the textures and other objects were lost after that, namely the island. I redid the island, again using MAX, and tweaked the trees and building to fit it. The sky background and lighting from the original project ate one so I also redid that. I then touched the whole thing up using Painter and Photoshop. I added the lens flare with Photoshop and all the lettering was done with the kickin Dynamic Text function of Painter. As far as the actual assignment: Create a VHS tape box cover for a demo reel. A demo reel is the tape you send to companies to get them to review your animations and computer art. Its basically a portfolio for computer artists. Who knows, maybe I'll use it. :) (78.7k)
Here's another piece for Electronic Painting, this time focusing much more on Photoshop than Painter. The assignment was to take a photo and somehow alter it - do something to it you can only do with computers. I took a photo of the infamous Ben-Ethan Lake Placid trip and merged it with a pic of Skeet as a wee pup. I used to think this was really easy stuff to do, but it isn't. Light sources must be matched, differences in image quality accounted for, and there has to be something to work with from the start. I was pretty lucky to find the pose I needed and the light source. I also used Painter a bit on this project but Photoshop was the primary tool. (101k)
This is my final piece for Electronic Painting class. The assignment was fairly open: create a "triptych" image using Painter and Photoshop. Triptych usually implies big 3 part paintings, sometimes with seperate panels. The assignment was very open to interpretation and I took advantage of this. This is a character "model sheet" for a comix idea Wayne and I have called Dog Cops. Its a series of stories about...dog cops. Well, anyways this is the Skeet ideas I have. It has 2 sketches of Skeet (just ideas) and a bunch of different facial expressions. The idea is to really establish what a character looks like. Though these designs aren't final they are good to start from. I used the usual software for this piece and I really like it. This piece is actually made of many different sketches and stuff composited together. Warning, this one is huge. (557k)
Computer Art Traditional Art Photos