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This section is where i have all my various pictures. There are some pictures I have created on the computer, scans of traditional artwork I've done, and pictures of me and my crew (some are digital camera and some are scans of photos).

Computer Art Traditional Art Photos
This is my old room (Weston House 170 Baby!) in the dorms and this is a shot of my computer area. Ahh those were the days... Well kinda. I don't think my room was that cool but everyone else seemed to like so *shrugs*.
This one's taken from about where my computer was. You can see my desk from here, along with my bathroom nook (at least the sink part.) Now you can vicariously live the SCAD toiletry experience.
This is a picture from my first year at SCAD. On the left is the muchmentioned Brad, and on the right is my old (and first) roommate Greg. Brad pretty much looks the same as he does now: I just put this one up to contrast the other pics of him so you wouldn't think he's a total freakshow.
See this is the other pic of Brad that doesn't really give you the whole idea. This is a picture from sometime last quarter. Note the saturated red on Brad's face. Cool, eh? :)
Here's another fun action shot, this one taken in the Dyson House TV room one wee-houred morning. It showcases an intense streetfighteresque thing between Jimmy and Brad. I don't know where the splotchies came from on the pic - Wayne says its the lights. As you can see, Jimmy is about to decap Brad with his hat of death.
Hey! Speaking of foolish pictures: here I am in all my 4 AM glory! :) I really don't know what else to say about this one except, "hey, quit staring!" :)
Here is a rather standard pic of Wayne and Noel. They look really happy. Noel doesn't usually look that smug (for those ladies out there shopping for a new online hunk of manmeat.)
When asking Calico whether I could put this pic of him up, he only remarked, "Wait a minute. When did you take that?" This pretty much sums up Calico's what-just- happened attitude towards life. Make no mistake, he's cool, just confused. :)
This is Sketch and his sister Meghan entranced by a TV. Sketch helped me make that killer Beast costume for Halloween. These people also have some kind of hypermetabolism because they eat enough to make even me shudder. Sketch is also my current off-campus roommate.
Hey, here's something novel! Snow in Savannah! Actually, I found out later that it was just a pile of Zamboni shavings. But its was still weird when we saw this as we walked down the street.
Another slice of life pic from Savannah. The other night when I went to the Spike and Mike Animation Festival (quite cool btw), Wayne and I saw this sign and I said. "If only I had a digital camera." Days later on our way to fight the registrar and bursar I snapped a shot. This may not be odd to some of you, but I think it's pretty funny. :)
This is a picture of me after going down the Bob Skeleton run. There some info on this on my personal page if your interested. Otherwise just think of it as hardcore sledding. Its pretty fun. :) Btw, I look really small in this pic because there's not much else to scale me with.
This is my dog, Skeet, outside during a snowstorm. I really like this picture cuz he's all, "Look at me: I'm in the snow being cute!" There's also some Skeet info up on my Personal page for inquiring minds. He's a Samoyed for those who are curious.
These are some pics of Skeet when he was but a wee pup. He looked really goofy and cute then. I love the tongue thing :)
This is a picture from back home. Well not exactly. Its a town not to far away from mine called Billerica. My friend here at SCAD, Christina, lives there and I met her when she looked in my room and saw the poster for this event. This happens to be a picture of Triple H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) before he was a bigtime in the WWF. This is in a Junior High gym. You may be wondering why in the hell I was here. Novelty mostly: there were midgets there too! It was cool. Here's some more...
This is a picture of one of the hairiest men I've ever seen. This is George "The Animal" Steele. I didn't know who the hell he was (I never really watched wrasslin') but he seems pretty damn scary to me.
Here's some of that midgety goodness I promised. :) This is Mr. Fu "The Oriental Express." Now if that's not a cool wrasslin' name I don't know what is. :) Oh yeah, the tall guy there is my friend Jeff, one of the funniest beings alive. Jeff got Mr. Fu's picture with him because he thought he looked like his dad.
This is a picture of me at a Mini-Golf place in Lake Placid, NY on my quasi-family vacation (we took Ben with us.) Many people find this picture eerie because they think that there really is a Leprechaun sitting there with me. Silly people, Leprechauns live in Ireland not New York!
This is some kind of MTV Sports Extreme shot of Ben tangoing with those damn Russian hockey players. For extra giggles, pretend he is about to fall after he takes the crucial shot. :)
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Computer Art Traditional Art Photos