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This section is where i have all my various pictures. There are some pictures I have created on the computer, scans of traditional artwork I've done, and pictures of me and my crew (some are digital camera and some are scans of photos).

Computer Art Traditional Art Photos
This is a wooden model or "maquette" that I built for my 3d design class. I built three of these and had to choose one to enlarge 3 times using similar materials. I had said before that I would be putting up the finished version of this one but...it broke :) Sorry!
This is my first real work in charcoal. Its a drawing of some random objects (including pool noodles) attached to the wall. We used a technique called chiarascuro for this meaning "light and dark" I believe. Using charcoal is pretty damn tough if you don't know how to use it :) The stuff smudges if you breathe the wrong way so you have to be careful about resting your arm or even other pieces of paper near it. This badboy is 18X22 inches so I couldn't scan it and included in this pic is a nice detail of my floor where I took the picture. :)
This is an instructive caricature of a guy here nicknamed Sketch. Sketch doesn't really like it but I'm gonna put it up anyways so he can lighten up. I will hopefully have a pic of the real deal so you can all compare and write Sketch emails saying, "Boy, you really do look like that drawing Ethan did." :) Its a little light cuz its still in pencils. You can see a colored version of this piece on my computer page.
This is a little caricature of my 2d design teacher from last quarter. As many of you back home know, drawing teachers (and impersonating them) is a favorite pastime of mine. Perikles is an energetic little Greek man who taught me a lot. He's a pretty cool guy and I think he could take most teachers here in a fight. The plane and the woman are references to his history as a Greek air cadet :) and his wife in Virginia, who he really misses - believe me. :) You can also find a colored version of this one on the computer page.
This (and the next few pieces) are from my Life Drawing class last quarter. This class made me think "Gee, maybe I don't suck at charcoal after all," and I actually got to enjoy working with charcoal. Its a very beautiful media to work with. You can achieve really dramatic effects just using your fingers. This piece here is a quick "gesture" drawing in which you try to capture the basic forms and proportions of the figure in a short time (30 seconds to maybe 5 minutes for a long one.) There isn't supposed to be much attention to detail here. This is the bulk of what my class was: drawing naked people quickly. Its a lot more fun than it sounds. :)
This is anohter rather quick figure drawing. I got a few minutes to do this one. I really like this one, not just cause the model was cute, but because I think I really got her posture down. I dunno - I just like it. :)
This piece is different for a few reasons. First, this is compressed charcoal - it's a little denser and less smudgy making for darker, cleaner lines. Its also tougher to erase. Second this piece is at an extreme angle and I had to foreshorten the body to put it in perspective. I like the shading on this one a lot.
This is a side-view portrait done with compressed charcoal. I didn't get a chance to finish this one so she looks kinda mannish, oh well. :)
This is another side-view portrait of the same model actually. This one is a quick gesture and doesn't have much detail - but I really like the linework in it for some reason.
This is a charcoal piece that makes use of the subtractive method. I first blackened the page a little to get a base tone of grey, then I darkened some lines in while using my eraser to create highlights. My classmates told me that I did a good job capturing the expression on her face. This one got a little smudged since I brought it back from class though.
This is one of my favorites. Its a portrait of me and Jimmy (aka JDOK/Fleemey) who sometimes posts on the message board. :) He's doing his befuddled Space Ghost impression and I'm just surly - I think I look pretty pissed there. This is a nice little subtractive and additive piece that is lifelike, yet stupidly surreal. :)
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Computer Art Traditional Art Photos