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This section is where i have all my various pictures. There are some pictures I have created on the computer, scans of traditional artwork I've done, and pictures of me and my crew (some are digital camera and some are scans of photos).

Computer Art Traditional Art Photos
Back to the last page of pictures...
This is a page from my sketchbook where I took other people's original or beloved characters and somehow horribly mangled them.
Here's a little doodle of a tattooed guy. I think I had been drooling over some Tony Diterlizzi art around that time and was kinda inspired.
This is another random sketch of a woman in a kimono-like robe. I just like how it came out I guess. She reminds me of someone too. Hmm.
Here is a candid sketch of Boba Fett eating breakfast with some half-naked, crusty lidded, impish guy. Hmm, who could that be? I like the Fett part though. I think it came out very well.
This I'm pretty sure I doodled shortly after watching the excellent martial arts movie "The Fist of Legend" with Jet Li. I highly recommend this movie. Maybe I'll write specifically about it sometime. Anyways, this guy is somewhat dressed like Jet Li's girl's uncle(?) was wearing. I thought he was really cool.
A doodle of a girl attending the prestigious Poop University. Bummer that the page ended there though cuz I think it made me squish her subconsciously.
Sometimes a doodle starts out as one thing and ends up as something in an entirely different direction. Such is the case with this "DJ Tony Stark" drawing. I'm almost sure I wasn't thinking, "Hmm... I should draw my favorite alkie Avenger spinning vinyl now." No I don't even think it was meant to be Tony Stark in the beginning. But now look at what I got? What a nice surprise.
Here is a swashbuckling woman. This started as a random character, but I like the idea a lot and plan to use it in the future, perhaps in a comic book.
Here is a promotional piece for the Boba Fett 3rd Annual Invitational Bowling Tournament. The real challenge of this piece was making Fett, who actually can't bowl for shit, look like an accomplished ball launcher. It was also tough to deal with the whole foreshortening of limbs thing.
I started drawing this girl, then decided she looked sinister. So I carelessly slapped some horns on her and there ya go. It might be cool if done well (the horns I mean.)
I don't remember when exactly I came up with this idea, but I think its funny. Here's my logic. Rescuing people in avalanches and snow and stuff is serious, dramatic and sometimes cannabalistic even. Samoyed on the other hand are goofy looking and instant comedy. Throw in a Klaxon light on his back and you have success. One day... One day it will be made. Actually, James made a little movie of "Samoyed Rescue" loosely based on this. I hope to put it up at some point for your perusal.
Computer Art Traditional Art Photos