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Greetings wearied web traveler, this is my quaint little homepage which is always going to be in some state of construction till I use up my measly 10 megs :) I hope you enjoy your visit and find something that interests you more than an archive of "The Greatest Texas Instruments Computers of All Time," , pictures of boobies, and pirated software. If you have comments, complaints, or an overwhelming desire to see me naked, reach me at skeet_master@yahoo.com. I can also be reached on AOL Instant Messenger through my screenname LilFett and rarely through my ICQ 24197618.

Updates From 1/30/98 - 4/19/01
Current Updates

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

-Updates Shall Begin Anew!

Hey everyone who ever reads this! I've gotten an internet connection back and a place to sleep. These are both very good signs that I will be able to update my page more. I updated the AB Contact Page, but my big update today is KELSEY'S PAGE OF FUN. Check it out!

-Another Host That Sucks

Just so you all know, Tripod has decided to now do both banner ad's and popunders on their free sites. I will probably keep things here for a little while longer but I hope to move to a moer permanent location with my own domain soon. In the meantime, I highly recommend the newest version of the Google Toolbar which, among other things, blocks popups very well.

Thursday March 20th, 2003

-Host With the Most

Well, at for the least amount of money that is... Yeah I've changed the host of this page again, this time to Tripod because they seemed to pretty much offer what I needed for the right amount of money - that being nothing. My cable modem provider, Comcast, had the crappiest service I've ever tried to use. I don't recommend them.
Along with the change in host I've actually updated a few sections of the page: most noticeably the AB section and the links area. I'm probably not gonna do too much big stuff to this page in the future because I'm anticipating actually setting up a nice quasi-professional site in the near future. I'll keep you updated.

-My Time Here is Limited

Thats right, cue the dramatic music because I've been graduated. I mentioned earlier that I went through the ceremony and all that, but the actual graduation requirements weren't fulfilled till last week when I completed my Post Production class. Suck on that SCAD!
As far as work is concerned, I've been kinda working for Belk, a southeastern department store chain. Hopefully I'll be either staying with them, or finding another job soon cuz this plasma donation thing doesn't cut the mustard.
Tuesday November 12th, 2002

-Still Here

Well the first big change around here is the host. I had been hosting this site on my parents dial-up account for a really long time, and now I'm hosting it on my own cable modem webspace. There are goods and bads to it of course. Ideally I will be getting a domain and stuff soon to put up portfolio stuff for potential employers, so I will probably move this site there too so I can run all the little scripts I want. Yay!

-My Status

A lot of other things have changed with me. I "graduated" - as in I went through the ceremony and all that, but I still don't actually have my degree. I need to complete one more stinky little class for that. Then its on to sending my work out to companies and hoping to here back.

In the meantime, I live with my girlfriend Kelsey and I've been looking for work to pay the bills. Its actually really hard to find a decent job down here I've decided. I did have a job with a home loan/refinancing place for a few days but they decided I didn't fit in with their office - which I guess means I wasn't bitter and miserable enough for them. Let's just say I wouldn't want these people handling my money or my house.

I guess in other news I'm in a new apartment now. I don't know if I even got a chance to write about the old apartment. Let me sum up: the old apartment has leaks in every room, mushrooms occasionally growing from the tiles in the bathroom. I think my imagination was more effective than the heating and cooling system there. So the day when the leaks finally started in my bedroom, I decided enough was enough. Oh yeah, and the landlord, David Slonim, was a big weenie as well. Not only did he never fix anything but he actually had the nerve to tell me I hadn't paid him my full deposit or some @#$@# like that.

So now Kelsey and I reside in a different apartment just a block down the street, but its a lot nicer. My only complaint would be the noise outside. We are right near a nightclub and a bunch of people whose idea of fun is sitting on there porch and just yelling "hey" all night long. Kooky. But still, its better than the old place.

My grandmother got me a digital camera for graduation and now I have a great way of taking new pics of the apartment, myself, and anything else that catches my eye so I'm hoping that I will be adding a lot more updated pics soon. I guess this is the part I seem to have in a lot of my recent updates where I talk about how I want to dramatically overhaul the site and make it look all swanky and cool. I think I'll avoid making any promises this time, but be sure to know that I'll let everyone know when the changes do actually come.

Friday June 28th, 2002 - 2:44AM

-Lots To Say Today...Part I

Boy oh boy. I haven't really updated this puppy in so long I've almost forgotten what it feels like. I have quite a few little announcements to put up too. Don't feel bad if this is the first you've heard of them - I've been extremely busy this last quarter and I was not able to really keep in touch with anyone I wanted to.

Its been 6 damn months since I've actually put news up so I have lots to say... I've also realized it probably makes a little more sense to do my updates bottom to top to keep them in a better chronological order that people are used to reading on real news sites. I'm not sure if it works better this way or the other way.

-Spring Break or "How I Almost Ate it in Georgia"

Spring break was pretty fun this year. I went to Wes and Sketch's place on River Street for St. Patrick's Day. Like every year I've seen it, it looked a lot more like Mardi Gras than anything remotely Irish, but I guess thats how they want it to be to attract the Girls Gone Wild Crowd. Kelsey got all greened up and I took the liberty of purchasing a foam novelty hat that, in my opinion, has paid for itself.
I guess we got there just at the right time because Wes had nearly lost his voice yelling and throwing out all the random people who had wandered in. There were still a bunch of people there when we got there. Jim showed up too with fellow Iowan Tasha. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Iowans made a return visit this year. Cory came this time also, and once again I got to see him wince when we ate at the Crab Shack. Poor kid...
But I know what you're thinking: C'mon, Ethan. There had to be some sort of excitement in your Spring Break. Well I guess there was. Sometime during the break Kelsey, Selena and I had decided we were too pasty and needed to go to the beach. The beach here is pretty nice: nice sand, warm water (for me at least), and there were no people there the day we were there.
Actually, I had started our trip to the beach asleep in the car. We had driven to the hotel to meet Selena and I'm pretty sure neither of us had gotten much sleep the previous night. I felt really tired when we got there and told Kelsey to come out and get me when they were ready. I had drifted in and out of naps while I was waiting - which is probably why it seemed so long waiting out there.
We made our way out to the beach and went into the water (it was so warm that Kelsey went in, even with her fear of flying fish.) I was having fun and everything, but I still felt a little poopy - I figured it was just because I was so tired. Then the Foster girls noticed how I had red bumps on my skin in some places. Lately, I had been getting random outbreaks of hives on my skin, so I figured thats all it was. I left the water and went to go sit on my beach towel to wait for the hives to go away. They kind of went away, but I noticed something even stranger than hives as I sat there looking at my arms - it looked like I had about 2 times as much skin as I actually needed. Whenever I bent my arms, legs, or wrists there were huge creases of skin at the joints that lingered slightly when I unbent them. I guess I probably looked something like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, only more hairy.
Luckily, it was around this time that Kelsey and Selena decided to come back out of the water. By the time they actually got over to where I was, I had started to feel dizzy, and Kelsey had made the connection that this all probably had something to do with my near-fatal bee-sting allergy. I usually carry an Epi-Pen with me in my backpack at all times for just such an emergency. So while Selena ran back to the hotel to call an ambulance, Kelsey got to administer the Epi-Pen to my thigh. Its kinda like that thing Nicolas Cage has to stick himself with in "The Rock," only not as menacing looking.
By this time, I was actually really scared. My eyes were completely open, but all I could see was some kind of blue psychedelic haze. It felt like my head was made of lead - I felt oddly detached from my body. I think a lot of that had to do with not being able to see. Kelsey's voice and the sounds of the beach took on a strange quality, almost as if I was listening further away or through a tube.
The feeling of Kelsey sticking me in the thigh was really mild compared to all the other weirdness my body was going through. I'm pretty sure I was close to losing consciousness - that is why my allergy is so dangerous. If I had just the allergy it wouldn't be quite as bad, but I also have a very low blood pressure. If I had fallen unconscious, I could have fallen into some kind of coma or actually died. Kelsey talked me through it, and tried to hold me. Of course she was just as scared as me, if not more, so it was even harder for her to try and remain calm during this whole thing.
Selena came back with a Tybee cop who told us help was on the way. By this time I had started to regain my senses, and I could almost see normally again. I could hear the sirens of the approaching ambulance. I heard them get closer, but then I heard them start to get farther away. The reassuring cop told us that they were new ambulance drivers and they had gone to the wrong part of the beach. Those silly EMT's! Always throwing me off with their antics!
But the antics had only just begun. I heard the ambulance sirens coming from towards the hotel and I was feeling a little bit better now due to the Epi-Pen so I almost got up and started walking there myself, but the cop insisted I stay seated on the beach. I heard them trying to drive the thing up onto the beach, which is standard procedure I guess, and then I heard a bad noise. They were stuck. The experts who were supposed to be saving me got the damn ambulance stuck in the sand...
Its a good thing their was construction going on right next to the hotel because they had to go get a little Bobcat plow thingie to push the ambulance out of the sand. They eventually got over to us and I got in the ambulance. Kelsey had given the driver the Epi-Pen all wrapped up in its packaging so it wouldn't expose the needle. But he knew better, so he pushed it through the plastic tube it came in and stuck the needle out. He then gave it to a plump little woman who I was about to entrust my life to.
I got all comfy in the backseat stretcher and hooked up to an IV and all that jazz. Then she asked me about my medical history, my allergy, what happened, and lastly, the Epi-Pen.

"Have you used this before?"

"Well, I didn't use it. My girlfriend did it for me 'cause I couldn't really see."

She asked me this question and some of the other ones over and over, I guess to prevent me from falling asleep and to see if I was losing it or anything. Eventually I think I changed the wording of the answer (hey, I was in danger of dying - I had to spice things up a little while I was still here) and she got all angry at me. She had apparently pricked herself on the Epi-Pen when she was handling it and for some reason thought we hadn't used it. I don't know where she got this idea, but she immediately bombarded me with questions about whether I was HIV positive. When I told her no she wouldn't even just accept it, she kept asking me some bull about whether I had been tested and stuff. I think I must've had a sad smile on my face as I was shaking my head at this putz because then she started harassing me about how she was "dead serious." At this point I was wondering whether I should've just tried to drive myself to the damn hospital.
When we finally did get there, I got wheeled into some random room and got stuck with some more stuff. I also got the ultra-comfy oxygen feed up the nose. When Selena and Kelsey got to the hospital they tried to find out where I was and were told I had been admitted to the "Emergency Cardiac Trauma Center" or something like that. This freaked them out and they went to go find me.
I was just lying there on a bed. A few more random people had come by, most of them asking the same damn questions I had answered for the EMT. The random people eventually cleared out and the doctor came to explain things to myself and the Foster girls. The doctor wasn't sure whether I had gotten stung by a jellyfish (since I was in the water when I started feeling weird) or a bee (since I am quite allergic) but that was really beside the point. Because the EMT's had decided we hadn't used the Epi-Pen, they gave me some more epinephrine (the drug it contained) which is quite similar to adrenaline. That is why my heart felt funny. I was doing something like 190 beats per minute (I believe 80 is the norm.) All the swelling and stuff had stopped and I felt some mild dizziness, but they were going to have to keep me at the hospital till my heart rate got back down around the other normal humans. To counteract all the damn stimulants in my blood they gave me some kind of depressant so Kelsey and Selena basically got to sit there for a few hours and watch me drift in and out of sleep while my heart slowed down.
So in conclusion, I'd like to take advantage of this public venue and once again thank Kelsey for saving my life. I might not be here today if it weren't for her level-headedness and caring. I'd also like to recommend that if you are going to get seriously ill, see if you can make it across the bridge into South Carolina first because you probably stand a better chance of surviving.

-But You Don't Have to Take My Word for It!

Winter Quarter was pretty good academically. I retook, for the final time, 3D Character Animation with SCAD legend Dave Kaul. Dave is famous for his Tony Robbins style motivational speeches and capability to waste time in class watching DVD's. Not a bad guy at all. We had to make a "beast" (I made a gorilla), do some other projects, and a final. Mine was this Ninja Cooking Show idea I had come up with. I will post this up here for everyone to laugh at (and maybe with.)
I also took Procedural Modelling and Animation which is kind of like the other 3D stuff I've done except the program we use and the approach we take is very different. Its less about creating things by your eye and more about creating things with mathematical expressions. I did enjoy that you have the choice of going through every operation(or procedure) that you have done to an object and tweaking it. My project was a kind of memorial to the Haiku poet Matsuo Basho. Just reading about him was interesting as well. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I'm into feudal Japan.
My final class was Stop Motion Animation I. Stop Motion means any kind of animation where you move stuff around by hand every frame. It can be clay, metal, paper, etc. Gumby, The California Raisins, and Wallace and Gromit (one of my favorites) are examples of Stop Motion. Our professor was Becky Wible. She was great: she made the class interesting and yet I still felt like I learned a lot of technical stuff instead of just listening to a teacher tell stories all day (which can often be the case.) She has done a bunch of Stop Motion professionally but her biggest claim to fame seems to be not just one but repeat appearances on the Levar Burton PBS vehicle, Reading Rainbow.
Stop Motion was really fun. We had 2 assignments: one was to make a character from found objects like pieces of machines, utensils, computer parts, etc. I worked with a guy named Brendan and the humorous Texan known as Jared. Jared rocks - he is all kinds of funny, a good guy, and a great artist as well. He also is a tremendous Weezer fan, which is always a plus.
The second assignment was to make a character with a clay "skin." We actually had to use a number of materials to make these characters as well as to-scale character drawings and mock-ups. I have a ton of pictures from this project so I hope to either post the pics or just make a whole website devoted to it. I made this kind of elderly gorilla guy. I like how he came out, but I didn't finish him in time to animate him.

-Another Winter in Savannah

I did eventually come back here after having a great winter vacation with my family and friends. I couldn't tell you many specifics except I think I had cocktail weenies at our New Year's Eve party.
Oooh! Oooh! I know! I KNOW! When I got back I didn't have to go to the hotel anymore! Yay! And Kelsey got to come back and stay in Savannah (this was in dispute at the time.) She also quit the hotel (an excellent choice) and we both stayed jobless (probably not such an excellent choice...)
Thursday December 13th, 2001 - 2:30PM

-Leopard Print Towels/Tied Up With Strings

These are a few of my favorite things. The towels I actually got from my grandmother yesterday at my belated birthday get-together. I also got many more "goofy animal" cards and some money to bribe Savannah Electric with so they won't kneecap me (or maybe just shut of my electricity.)
So, courtesy of Airtran Airways and the National Guard, I'm back home safe and sound. It wasn't as horrific as I had been led to believe. I actually had more trouble getting home from the airport than getting into it. Of course, I wasn't one of the lucky ones to get searched on my way into the plane so that probably has something to do with it but they also didn't hold up the flight doing it. Good job. I did feel kind of bummed that these guys were gonna get replaced by federal workers and that their jobs had become even more of a dead end than before (if such a thing is possible.) Although I don't know if the government plans on keeping on any of the current screeners or what. I haven't heard many details on this.
And what is funny, is that usually I would be saying something like "Where is Afghanistan? Who is the President here?", now I have been actually keeping up with the news thanks to my job at "The BC" (as I like to call it.) Actually, it doesn't look like I'll be working there much longer: after too many yucky incidents between them and Kelsey&Selena, bad pay, bad hours, and a long (but scenic!) drive, I've decided to find alternate employment. I'll keep all of you sad people who follow my life like "General Hospital" posted. Oh, if you go to the website for the hotel you can see the cheesy logo that we have on back of some of our work shirts. I didn't ever wear the thing though because I feel that logo belongs on the back of someone's van and not on the back of my shirt. :)
Well, maybe I'll do a little more updatenage later when I get a chance. Right now though I have lots of oddball responsibilities like alphabetizing Skeet's laundry and stuff like that...
Tuesday October 9th, 2001

-I'm Feeding on the Rays

I've neglected my page again, and it sucks. My reasons? 1) My computer is channeling the Devil and refuses to work... we have scientists hard at work on this one! 2) I have been really busy - between my classes, my new job (which I actually have more hours at now), Kelsey, aikido, stick-figure webcomics, and my friends, I have had no time... All I can say is that it sucks. I will return though, mark my words I will return! I can't do much returning right now though, I'm not even on my own damn computer. Keep it real yo!
Sunday August 19th, 2001 - 5:30 PM

-Ebo Rides Again

Ok, it looks like my car is kinda working again. This is pretty good news because now I don't have to get a bunch of friends together to activate the drive-up sensors at KFC. My mechanic was also kind enough to give me a list of everything else that is broken on that thing. Poop.


Well I updated a bunch of little stuff like the Personal Stuff and Links section of the website to better reflect the current Ethan. I found Wayne's camera in the stuff from the move so maybe we can get some new pictures up in the gallery soon too. I also have lots of art and things that I should put up, maybe even some movie files of projects I've done, but those are gonna take some time in the lab converting and stuff so don't expect that stuff for a while.
Sunday August 12th, 2001 - 2:30 PM

-Hull Breach On Deck 7

Here's some interesting news. I got a new job. I'm now working the front-desk at a small beachside hotel on Tybee Island (about 20 minutes from Savannah on a good day.) I got the job solely based on the recommendation of the infamous Foster Sisters and the fact that I can walk. Thank you Selena and Kelsey for helping me land a job.
The hotel is ok - better rooms than the dorms I would say. But the best part is that its on the beach. In some ways this can also be the worst part because it has to maintain a "beach atmosphere." In order to create this atmosphere, the management have decided that Jimmy Buffet must be played on the lobby speakers at all times. I don't really mind the guys music, but a constant stream of anything, even cheese, can be bad for you. They also have this really funny looking mold of a giant swordfish that hangs behind the front desk. I'll try and snag a pic of that when I find Wayne's camera.
Oh, back to my headline. As fortune would have it, my car broke down on the way to my new job, and it really sucked (actually it still sucks.) I had been having off and on problems with the radiator for a few weeks now, but I thought it wasn't serious, and that I could just take it in once I started landing some cash. This idea ranks up there with greats like "Lets rent a Dorf movie" and "I'll meet you in the Atlanta airport somewhere" because Japanese car problems, unlike Japanese RPG's, don't like being put on hold like that.
I was almost there, another 5 minutes of driving and I would have made it, when the coolant light went on and almost immediately after I heard a large mettalic BANG from the front of my car. Steam rushed out from under my hood, just like in the movies, and I pulled that mother over as fast as I could. Luckily there was a small pier for people to go fishing off of right there, and I had plenty of room to pull the car over. Unluckily, I was also in a spot with very vague landmarks.
I sat there for a minute laughing (what else could I do?) and then just started walking Unfortunately, I was trying to dress up a bit for my appearance at work, and I wore my Doc Marten work shoes. Though they may look pretty snazzy, they are probably the worst thing I could have chosen for a hiking trip. The other problem was that the road I was walking, the only road to Tybee last I checked, didn't really have sidewalks, I guess because it's technically Highway 80. But it also didn't have emergency call boxes, I guess because its not really a highway.
I made my way up the narrow bridge walking on the railing areas and making sure not to get hit by any cars or kayaks hanging off of them. Then I saw another car pulled over at the base of the bridge. Maybe it was just one of those broken down car days. Actually the person at the other end was a woman who had been driving behind me and wanted to help when she saw the GeyserMobile pull over. Contrary to popular belief and Seinfeld, there are still some people out there who care. She offered me the use of her phone and a ride the rest of the way to Tybee. Thanks again to you, wherever you are.
So after getting dropped and the hotel and trying to describe to AAA just where my car was ("Well there's some water... and I saw some people fishing... And its by a bridge! No there are no exits - its a strip of land in between water. Maybe the tow truck guy could come here and I could show him where to go?") I got some help and Kelsey, the other Good Person of the Day, let me borrow her cell phone and hazardous Ford Explorer to go wait with the car.
As it stands, the car is with my mechanic, who found all kinds of things wrong - probably because I didn't take it in sooner. I guess its a good thing I found the job though, because I'm about $900 short of a working car (but he did throw in an oil change for only $10 - rock!) So I'm back to being an indentured servant of my parent's, but its better than nothing. The car is supposed to be fixed by Monday or Tuesday, so we'll see...
Sunday August 5th, 2001 - 9:45 PM

-His Noeliness Has Arrived

Yay! Noel is here to give us cheese and Poke-Duels! What fun! I expect much ginchiness to accompany Noel's visit this week. Unfortunately, Noel has revealed he has plans to give us even more videotapes and comics. I don't know what we're gonna do. That kid is insane.
Sunday July 29th, 2001 - 6 PM

-Abusing SCAD Again

Not only can I now update in programming class - I just found an FTP browser on the computers at work! This has always pissed me off because working at the computer lab has always been a great time for me to do things like webpages except for the fact that I couldn't upload them to AICS, but now I think I'm all set. Cool.
Oh! And it seems SCAD will let me back into 20m sites again.
I am Castor Troy! WHOOOOOO!

-Mikey Has Long Hair Heheheheh

Mikey got us all to go out to see this band S.M.O. last night, and they were pretty good. They are fairly local (I read Athens, but Mikey said somewhere else before) and they have a lot of talent. They play some kind of rock/reggae/funk mix. They played a few Police covers too, which I thought was cool. They also didn't suck live (I had only heard Mikey's CD up till then.) The bassist was really good and makes me want to repair my busted nut and go practice haha. The guitarist was one of those dudes that leers at all the girls while he's playing. Creepy.
Kelsey, a temporary visitor in the strange land of Savannah, came with us and she bought me a drink. How nice! We'll see if she visits my webpage today. I told her she should when she's at work, but she has one of those "real" jobs.

-In Memoriam: Bob Skeleton

Many of you who have visited our place may have noticed the little (yet very heavy) skeleton with clay muscles built onto it. This is the handiwork of my absentee Iowan roommate Jim . He built it to learn anatomy in one of his sequential classes. It came out very well. We even christened him "Bob Skeleton" in honor of me sliding down my stomach on an icy ramp in upstate New York.
But I bring sad news for all of you who knew Bob. He seems to have some terminal case of leprosy or mummy rot or something, cuz all his muscles have been gradually falling off. His butt is still there, as are parts of his chest. The rest of him lies at his own feet, a reminder of his torment.
Man I should put up some pictures!
Wednesday July 25th, 2001 - 10:30 AM

-They Thought They Could Stop Him

Ha! I've finally figured out a pretty easy way to update in this Dark age of no modem (cable or otherwise.) I'm in the middle of programming class right now, and I've found the "Save to FTP" option of the text editor we're using. So I can put up dinky, yet informative updates regularly every Monday and Wednesday.
Man, now if I only had something to say.

-That Boy Can't Stop Moving

Yeah I don't know whats up with Wayne and his webcomic antics (no this isn't a post about some kind of ADD.) He's moved again it seems (almost right after I posted that last update - figures.) His strip is now here so go enjoy that stuff. For some reason SCAD computers won't let me onto any 20m sites lately, including my aikido one. Those scoundrels!
Tuesday July 17th, 2001 - 5 PM

-Went Back Home

Hmm, not my most clever headline, but it will do. Yeah I made it back home at the end of May to see my brother graduate high school. Still pretty boring like I remember, but it gave me a chance to see all my relatives who came to see the little tyke off.
I got some temporary jobs while I was up there doing not only dishwashing at the lunch place my mom works at, but electrical work for my dad and basic landscaping with my grandfather (affectionately referred to as "Grampy.") Now stick that in your resume and smoke it! So I earned a little cash - too bad most of it went to paying bills off in Savannah.
I'm glad I got a chance to come back and see my family. As far as my friends, I think every plan we made to get together never entirely worked out. Apologies to anyone I ended up blowing off. Now you have another reason to visit Savannah.

-I Have Class - No Really! I do!

Now, I'm back in Savannah taking classes. I have 3D Character Animation and Programming Models and Shaders, a perennial favorite. (note: I don't really know what a perennial favorite is...)
I also moved out of my old apartment to a new (nicer?) one about 3 or 4 blocks away - unfortunately still not close enough to just walk the stuff over. Actually, I wouldn't even say we are fully "moved in" yet because we still have stuff all over the place. We are waiting mostly on various repairs and stuff before we finalize any positions of anything. I'm living with Sketch and Savannah strip club aficionado Mikey. In the fall, Grant (of Wayne's message boards fame) and the mysterious Greg are going to replace them, and James/Jim will be returning from the land of corn.
The new place is great because it has seperate rooms and a bigger kitchen. It also has incovenient-yet-at-least-its-there off street parking. But what I'm really looking forward to is the fans! I LOVE THE FANS!!! (lil obscure arnold ref for you guys)

-I Know That Guy! I Rubbed His Head Against the Floor Once!

In case you haven't already heard, my close colleague Wayne has started up his own webcomic strip "Life At the O", a rousing tale of HB vs. 4H pencils and the mysteries of the Elder Gods. I'm currently in the process of working on a new design for his site and wrasslin with Keenspace to get things working. Of course considering I just updated my own damn site, we shall see...
Anyways, go there and check it out.
Thursday May 10th, 2001 - 2 AM

-Archives of Fun

If you notice up above, I took the liberty of archiving the mass of old news updates and editorials into another file. I'm working on my Java and JavaScript skillz, (and on getting cgi's to work here) so maybe I'll have a "real" archive at some point. :)
In other site related news, the links section is also a little updated to reflect the maturities and fickleness of my personality.

-Snowboarding Pants For Your Fingers!

I thought I'd spice things up around here and add images to the main page. This one here is about "chinderwear" (apparently a MST3K term) and one of my favorite TV shows Farscape.
Scorpius here takes chinderwear to a new level my wearing the thong chinderwear that makes the guys go so crazy! Actually, last episode I caught of Farscape had ol' Scorpius making creepy alien love with some blue scaly chick from his "mysterious past."

-Odie Dick

This is my new archnemesis, Odie Dick. Though he may be the size of half of one of my calf muscles, he managed to take quite the chunk out of my face when I tried to zerbert(sp?) him the other day. I'm not even sure if it was his jaws or his little demon claws that did it...
Now I have taken on the mantle of Captain Ehab to vanquish the little pooch and give him what for. I sail the seven seas in search of his wide-set, bigass eyes, hoping to one day find the little terrier that took me cheek (facial.)
Stupid Netscape!