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This section is where i have all my various pictures. There are some pictures I have created on the computer, scans of traditional artwork I've done, and pictures of me and my crew (some are digital camera and some are scans of photos).

Computer Art Traditional Art Photos
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This is a picture Noel took during his last year using Wayne's digital camera. Its a view of Habersham Hall, the building that houses Student Services and Career Planning stuff, from a little ways down the street. Noel claims he knows nothing about photography but I think it came out very well. "Excellent rendering of the hair!" as Noel would say.
Ahh beautiful Tybee Beach. This is about a 20 minute drive from us. Why we are not there all the time is a mystery to me. The sand is a lot nicer than those small boulders that they call sand back home.
Here's a picture of James trying to look sensitive at the beach. Either that or his contacts are messed up again.
This is me looking confused at the beach. I would say something is wrong with my contacts but I don't wear any. Besides, that would make me a pansy like Jim.
Here is Noel at the beach: no animations, no pokemon, the wind blowing through his hair. This is pure Noel. I think he might also be winding up for a towel whip.
These are my hairy hobbit feet chilling at the beach. Actually, Wayne figured out that the hair is used to ensnarl smaller prey for my consumption. I don't know what I'd do without that kid.
Speaking of Wayne, here he is enjoying a jolly good tale of superheroics in the mall food court.
Here is a picture of Jim sampling the new feces flavor Frostie at Wendy's. One of the benefits of living in Savannah is they test out some weird food here sometimes. Enjoy! (by the way, I actually hate it when people write "Enjoy!" I don't know why)
This is a picture of Jim and Noel hanging their heads in shame after I made some off-color remark about Noel's Chinese food having real dog in it. Eventually they warmed up to me, and by the time we walked past the Orange Julius they were my best friends again.
This is a really funny face Noel made in the parking lot as we were on the way to Megacon in 2000. Ha!
This is it! Me and STAN LEE! In the same 10 feet of space! And neither party was using the bathroom! Wow... In retrospect, I wish I had just gone up to him and talked to him. That probably explains my problems with women too.
Out of all of us, I would have to say James had the roughest time at Megacon. Something was wrong with his eyes all that day. We thought for a while that he had rinsed them in sand or something that morning. Then we speculated he had some crazy kind of Comics Pinkeye. It turns out the whole problem was the kid hadn't cleaned out his dirty-ass contact lenses. Here he is holding his contacts in their recuperative nutrient baths that he luckily found at the refreshments table.
Aww, idn't that nice. Here's Wayne in his post-Megacon coma on the SCAD bus and James again trying to pry his eyes out. However, don't let the picture fool you. Wayne was not asleep for the entire trip. He later woke and found himself to be channeling Christopher Walken's spirit. Walken apparently also likes Superman.
This picture is all that remains of the fabled "Park Avenue Apartment" - or at least its the only picture I have recording my stay there. I don't know why James is making this face, but you can be sure that door behind him is ajar and that Sketch's bizarre Flash cartoon noises are coming from it.
Now here is a picture from my 3rd apartment in Savannah. This is a picture of Greg. I didn't really set the camera up right but the lighting kind of fits Greg's scary hermit-living-in-darkness theme that he has going. Greg spends a lot of time in his room drinking Coke, and he's damn proud of it. But don't be fooled, Greg's a good guy. (Note: the lack of pictures of Grant on this page does not denote Grant is a bad roommate.)
This is Greg's bizarre racoon statuary thing. Actually its more of a stuffed beast, but I know Greg didn't shoot it. I think its also named "Beaver" for some reason. In its clutches is the so called "Sucky Sucky Pikachu" that tries to talk to you, but just ends up scaring people - but apparently not kids. Silly kids!
Here is one of my first pictures of Kelsey. Yay! Kelsey is sitting in our living room in the Gwinnett St. Apt, complete with mini-bar. She says the reason she looks so "not happy" in this picture is because it is one of the rare (she says many) times she was waiting for me to finish my homework. I don't know, I just thought she was thinking about the next season of Reality TV offerings. She is also sitting nex to the infamous Pickles That Would Not Die - thanks Grant!
Here's another picture of that limelight hogging Noel kid. Noel is lounging about in my room at the apartment, and in typical Noel fashion is refusing to sit in a chair. If you look really hard you can see my really cool Terminator 2 figure guarding my pirated CD's.
Here's a lovely dish I like to call Wild Mushrooms with Short N' Curly garnish. Actually this is a photo of, you guessed it, my bathroom floor. Our bathroom tile was so well put together that after getting wet, mushrooms started growing out from between the tiles. I guess crappy plywood flooring is a good incubator to grow mushrooms in. Needless to say we didn't stay in the apartment too much longer after we found this tasty treat.
Computer Art Traditional Art Photos